At Play

Videographer V. Paul Virtucio, Brian J. Evans, Laura Selle Virtucio, Roxanne Wallace, Kari Mosel, director Stuart Pimsler, dramaturg and Tofte Lake Center director Liz Engelman, Suzanne Costello, Tofte Lake Center co-director Michael Dixon, and Cade Holmseth make s'mores together in the picnic area at the Center.

At work

Using one of the residential cabins as a performance space, Stuart watches Laura, Cade, and Brian rehearse.

At work

Company yoga happened each morning on a cabin deck.

Rooms of Disquiet

Cade and Brian rehearse the chase that opens the show.

Rooms of Disquiet

Laura rehearsing a solo moment.


Happy campers: The Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater (clockwise from top left): Roxanne Wallace, Cade Holmseth, Suzanne Costello, Kari Mosel, Brian J. Evans, Laura Selle Virtucio, and Stuart Pimsler.

The Reals

Roxane, Laura, and Brian, in costume, playing cards.