BLOG: 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival Attendance Numbers

Posted Aug. 16

News and notes |

48,350 tickets were distributed to the 167 shows participating in the 11-day performing arts festival.

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Was it Good for You? Finding your Fringe Value System.

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Dessert, anyone?

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That's all folks!

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Fringe Lab 2011 Assessment Report

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Change Agent and being an agent of change

Tom Poole Remembered


Local theatermaker Tom Poole passed away on Wednesday, July 6. Alan Berks remembers a writer and a person who inspired him to be smarter, funnier, and better.

Summer activism

Social Service

We're taking a little break from the magazine to rest up for the Fringe Festival in August. Inside this article are a few thoughts about art and politics.

BLOG: Big fat thanks

Posted Jul. 1

Special focus |

Guest editor Levi Weinhagen offers sappy thanks for letting him work on the magazine

What acting isn't


A cavalcade of Minnesota actors reveal what acting is all about by describing what it isn't