BLOG: From stage to screen

Posted Mar. 23

Special focus | Audience

Isaac Butler muses on why theater is so poorly portrayed on the big screen—and the exceptions.

“Yeah! We’ve got this!”


Artist Andy Sturdevant reflects on his invigorating experience as an Arts Advocacy Day participant.

ASFB: Giving oneself over to a shadow dance


Playwright Tom Poole cracks wise on critics of dance and on dance criticism.

ASFB: Like Ferris wheels in a windstorm


Architect Phillip Koski examines the nuts and bolts of ASFB's choreography.

ASFB: Undiscovered country worth exploring


Theater critic Ed Huyck explores new territory and is invigorated, puzzled, rewarded.

Dancing around a subject

Audience | Criticism

The audience responds, live, to Aspen Santa Fe Ballet at the Northop Auditorium on Tuesday, March 8.

An experiment in criticism


Introducing a new series on criticism, responses to Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

At stake when writing a “bad” review: trust and excellence


Matt McGeachy on why critics put their own particular version of excellence at stake in their critiques.

Performance programs: Keep, toss or archive?


Camille LeFevre on the Performing Arts Archives at the U, which is where her performance programs should be.

Ballet: Not a riddle to decipher


Justin Leaf on watching classical and contemporary ballet.