“Yeah! We’ve got this!”


Artist Andy Sturdevant reflects on his invigorating experience as an Arts Advocacy Day participant.

ASFB: Giving oneself over to a shadow dance


Playwright Tom Poole cracks wise on critics of dance and on dance criticism.

ASFB: Like Ferris wheels in a windstorm


Architect Phillip Koski examines the nuts and bolts of ASFB's choreography.

ASFB: Undiscovered country worth exploring


Theater critic Ed Huyck explores new territory and is invigorated, puzzled, rewarded.

Dancing around a subject

Audience | Criticism

The audience responds, live, to Aspen Santa Fe Ballet at the Northop Auditorium on Tuesday, March 8.

An experiment in criticism


Introducing a new series on criticism, responses to Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

At stake when writing a “bad” review: trust and excellence


Matt McGeachy on why critics put their own particular version of excellence at stake in their critiques.

Performance programs: Keep, toss or archive?


Camille LeFevre on the Performing Arts Archives at the U, which is where her performance programs should be.

Ballet: Not a riddle to decipher


Justin Leaf on watching classical and contemporary ballet.

Bharatanatyam: Poetry in motion


Jessica Fiala provides multiple ways into watching and understanding Bharatanatyam.