Worst of 2010-2011: Lack of thoughtfulness

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"So often shows are either out of breath or holding their breath."

BLOG: New Partnership in St Paul could mean increased visibility for Art & Artists in Minnesota

Posted Sep. 14

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New partnership, Irrigate, means funding for local artist driven programs

Best of 2010-2011: Laurie Van Wieren

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Laurie Van Wieran's "2nd Draft: Who Made These Video Tapes" helps us recognize what it means to be here now.

BLOG: 3 news items you should know

Posted Sep. 8

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Phil Kilbourne benefit on Sept 12 at the Illusion; Park Square Theatre makes another bold move; and Broadway theater decides to adjust to an autistic audience.

Best of 2010-2011: Tracey Maloney


If theater writing were more like sportswriting, you would know more about the ins and outs of how actors do great work.

Best of 2010-2011: The Oldest Story in the World

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The Playwrights' Center's new Artistic Director tells us why he feels at home here in the Twin Cities.

The best is yet to come

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Challenging is a criteria for excellence that Minnesota may experience more in the year to come.

BLOG: 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival Attendance Numbers

Posted Aug. 16

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48,350 tickets were distributed to the 167 shows participating in the 11-day performing arts festival.

BLOG: BrokeAss Fringe


Was it Good for You? Finding your Fringe Value System.

BLOG: Soup to Nuts


Dessert, anyone?