The Ins and Outs of a Two-Actor, Two-Child Household; Or, We Stand Alone Together


Katy & Caleb McEwen admit how they balance family and work life.

BLOG: Poorly Attended

Posted Jun. 10

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Director Kevin Houle explains why he can't stop directing and enjoy your show.

New labor for a new economy


Playwright Matthew Foster argues that corporate ownership of ideas stifles innovation

The big art ball

Tradition | Vision

What does it mean to think like an artist?

Best kept secret

Innovation | Social Service

Museum Theatre is a constant balance of artistry and education

BLOG: Open letter to Kansas governor Sam Brownback

Posted Jun. 1

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Springboard for the Arts' executive director Laura Zabel responds to veto of Arts Commission budget in her home state, Kansas.

SHUT UP AND LAUGH: or how I learned to stop worrying and love comedy


Joshua English Scrimshaw answers the question what do artists who do comedy think of the phrase "more than just comedy."

BLOG: So, is the man a genius, or is he insane? And why can’t he be both?

Posted May. 26

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Thoughts on Mixed Bloods free ticket announcement from a Twin Cities theater insider.

BLOG: Mixed Blood Theatre offering free admission to all shows

Posted May. 24

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Mixed Blood announces new program offering free admission to all of their shows. How will this impact their programs and other theater companies in town?

BLOG: Inspired by the elbow drop

Posted May. 23

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I didn’t know professional wrestling would someday inform the work I do and love.