Productivity: find what works for you


Having a hard time getting things done? Maybe you're not wasting time properly.

Sit down. Shut up. (I've done this before — and some audiences actually laughed.)

Audience | Vision

One performer's progression from caring about his audience to caring about his art.

BLOG: An awful eloquent juxtaposition

Posted May. 9

After words |

I need theatre to yank me out my humdrum-ness and toss me some place I don’t necessarily want to be and then make me glad I paid for the privilege.

BLOG: Is improvement a healthy goal?

Posted May. 6

The vom |

If I’m constantly trying to improve my work as an artist and I consider myself far from great then how bad must my work have been even five years ago?

So I married a theater owner


To an artist owning a theater looks like a dream-come-true adventure. But to a spouse?

What this dancer eats


Think dancers don't eat? Professional dancer & choreographer Penelope Freeh reveals the truth.

BLOG: Levi Weinhagen takes over as Guest Editor for May and June.

Posted May. 1

News and notes |

Find out who will be providing you with distracting reading material at work for the next two months.

Thespis to theater in America: “Why can’t I quit you?”

Criticism | Vision

A dramatic dialogue in which theater addict Matt Sciple hides behind the fake moustache of satire to question the value of his chosen profession.

BLOG: The Playwrights’ Center: Confessions of a founder

Posted Apr. 27

Special focus | Vision

John Olive reminisces about the early days of the Playwrights' Center.

BLOG: Southern's McKnight fellowships move to Springboard

Posted Apr. 27

News and notes | Management

Springboard will temporarily manage the McKnight dance and choreography fellowships previously administered by the Southern Theater.