To be or not to be... Paid, that is.


How do we price our worth – our work, time, talent, experience and expertise?

BLOG: Tom Poole hit by car

Posted Jun. 27

News and notes |

Tom Poole is at Regions Hospital recovering from brain surgery.

“Everybody” is not the audience: Marketing as creative work


Artists develop lasting connections with audiences and donors by authentically representing themselves

BLOG: How do artists get the work they do to the people who want to see it

Posted Jun. 23

The vom |

Are artists missing different and better ways of getting their art out to their patrons?

Teaching as performance art

Process | Training

On the path from teacher to performance artist our author learns they're not so different.

BLOG: Red Eye New Works- from the inside.

Posted Jun. 17

After words |

One theater artist shares what it's like to be on the inside and outside of a project.

BLOG: CTC's Annie is the greatest show ever. Just ask my daughter.

Posted Jun. 14

After words |

The show elements really didn't matter. Not to the real audience.

BLOG: Too late to support Play by Play Theatre Bookstore

Posted Jun. 14

News and notes | Management | Training

The Midwest's only theater bookstore closes after two years of tenacity and hope.

The Ins and Outs of a Two-Actor, Two-Child Household; Or, We Stand Alone Together


Katy & Caleb McEwen admit how they balance family and work life.

BLOG: Poorly Attended

Posted Jun. 10

Special focus |

Director Kevin Houle explains why he can't stop directing and enjoy your show.