Playlist profile: Kurt Kwan

"I wish I was excited as a theater artist to see more theater. How do we get theaters to really encourage artists to come see the work?"

BLOG: It's Finally (FINALLY!) Spring

Signs of spring, politics, and a play that can't seem to settle in one theater.

The pros and cons of less traditional spaces


Laura Holway loves a nontraditional performance space, but there are always some trade-offs involved.

Improv for civic good

Social Service

Businesses are starting to catch on, but what will it take to get the general public saying, "Yes, and...?"

BLOG: Following Up

Fringe | Greater Minnesota | Production | Social Service | Tradition

Some of the stories we talked about before have continued on. Let's follow them again!

Making theater from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis

Greater Minnesota

A small-town theater company treks to the Twin Cities and learns a bit about itself along the way.

Reviewing the reviews: Who is this for?


A reader wonders who a review of 'Othello' was meant for, and it's not an easy answer.

Exploring change for the awkward arts zealot: Global


Charles Campbell's exploration of artistic change continues with an embrace of weirdness. Also, soup metaphors.

BLOG: Dollars and Bills

Innovation | Tradition | Vision

Getting paid and doing Shakespeare (not necessarily related).

REVIEW: 'Our Town' at Theater Latte Da


Does Peter Rothstein's new production capture the secret darkness of an oft-underestimated classic?