by John Middleton • Aug. 6

Fear and Mermaids

I'm a coward.

It's not easy being a coward. You spend a lot of time feeling nervous, first off. And then there's the underwear bill.

But the good thing is that there are lots of people braver than me and they do stuff that makes me happy and inspired.

I would watch a whole play of Alisa Gingerich and Dave Gangler dancing. And I did watch a whole play of young people dancing - the dude with the cast on his leg was awesome. And I saw a handful of actors do a show with almost no dialogue. They stripped down their two short plays to a bare minimum, relying on character, movement and sound cues (oh, my God!) to tell a story and create magic. Then Jason Schommer took a difficult, painful chunk of his life and tried to transform it into a big, joyous chunk of popular entertainment.

These people are heroes. They inspire me to try harder. Maybe that's why I like the Fringe so much. Even though crowds make me very uncomfortable.

See you at the Fringe! (From a distance.)

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