The Poetics of Bradley and Joel

Bradley Greenwald and Joel Sass, who seem to speak their own language, pull off a remount of I AM MY OWN WIFE that surpasses the award-winning 2006 production.

Box scores 9/4 through 9/6


Two shows work minor kinks out of the system on opening weekend.

Who picked the best cast for tragedy?


Vote here for your favorite combination of actors in the classic play, Aeschylus's "Agamemnon".

Tuesdays with Gary

Gary Gisselman - saving civilization, one student at a time.

BLOG: Get to the Max Day

Posted Nov. 4

News and notes | Management

It's like a holiday for giving, when Minnesotans want to make donations! To you! Missing Give to the Max Day is like missing a party thrown in your honor!

BLOG: What're you talking about 10/24-11/3

Posted Nov. 4

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This week brings conversations on Halloween costumes, the movie Anonymous, and bad audience behavior

"The show was alright, but the lobby smelled like fish.”


The lobby experience can help or hurt a show. Here are some things to make it help.

FTL Week 6: Classic Play Edition #2


What local cast and design would make Aeschylus's "Agamemnon" soar? Draft your teams today.

Same show, different casts: FTL Week 5


How much can a cast make or break a play? Vote here.

FTL Week 5: Classic Play Edition


Imagine a fantasy local production of Arthur Miller's classic "All My Sons".