Once more unto the breach


The author thinks he has something new to say about making theater relevant--and it is not about technology.

BLOG: Raging Twin Cities theater debates, New Plays & improvisation

Posted Feb. 20

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Debates about playwrighting and whether artists are special rage. Here are some of the highlights.

Playwright thinking about actors


A playwright reflects on his love for actors and what makes the best ones so trustworthy with scripts.

BLOG: New McKnight blog, valentines items, and we quote the shit out of you

Posted Feb. 13

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McKnight foundation starts a new blog about artists, valentines arts recommendations and we quote the social media chatter

Amateurs, academics, and money


In the first essay in a series, we take a look at how economics effects artistic output.

BLOG: Tax Credits, Caucuses, and Injuries: The Art Trifecta

Posted Feb. 6

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Is arts funding in danger due to football? How does a company react when a dancer gets hurt?

BLOG: Sweaty dramas, fringe festival, and placemakers

Posted Jan. 30

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Atlantic asks why comedy doesn't win awards and artplace has $15 million, will MN orgs get any of it?

BLOG: News & Notes for 1/16 through 1/22

Posted Jan. 23

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Theater reviews about and SOPA/PIPA causes protest. Here's a bit of news and notes.

BLOG: Items of some note from 1/9 – 1/15

Posted Jan. 16

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Staff turn-over at the Guthrie, arts journalism turn-over at MinnPost, & 1968 controversy

BLOG: Items of some note from 1/3 - 1/8

Posted Jan. 8

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Articles, items, and topics of some note from the past week