Short on pig

Criticism | Process

A well done production hindered by adaptation choices.

Build your own FTL rosters, Week 2

Innovation | Vision

Don't sit on the sidelines any longer. Enter your Fantasy Theater Team before next week's voting.

Introducing . . . Theater Box Scores


Check out our first round of performing arts "box scores," a shorthand way to find out about performances every night of the week.

Fantasy Theater League, Week 2


Week 2 of Fantasy Theater League pits Theater of the Absurd against Theater of the Nude.

A short chat with playwright Dominic Orlando

In which playwright Dominic Orlando accidentally terrifies the interviewer.

Create your Fantasy Theater League team


Want to play Fantasy Theater? Create your ideal local production here, now until Sunday.

Introducing . . . the Fantasy Theater League


Put your best production ideas to the test in MinnesotaPlaylist's new Fantasy Theater League.

Gary's Kids


Why are there so many Saint Olaf alums working in Twin Cities theaters and what do they want from the rest of us?

Best of 2010-2011: Chimera

Audience | Criticism

Deborah Stein and Suli Holum's creation crawled under the Bedlam Artistic Director's skin.

Best of 2010-2011: Red Resurrected

Audience | Criticism

Spare need not be empty. With the aid of the audience's imagination, minimal has maximum effect.