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From Fringe 2009. Photo: Travis Anderson

ADVICE: Fringe Do's and Don'ts for better fringing


Should you try to trek across town in 25 minutes to see that show with the great plot line but a few bad reviews? Dawn Brodey brings you some hard-earned answers.

REVIEW: "You forget the fact that they're dancing."


Through sound and singular ensemble movement, Black Label Movement's "Wreck" thrills and scares their audience with the performance of a ship going under.

BLOG: Challenge Accepted

The Knight Arts Challenge announces its finalists for the millions of dollars that will rain down on St. Paul.

REVIEW: "Asking for It" is very funny


Ira thinks he may have seen the most 'important' stand-up comedy set around and regrets that its value as theater may overshadow its pure funny.

BLOG: Searching for Meaning in the Birth and Death of Arts Organizations

Management | Vision

Should we go about pruning back the number of arts organizations out there?

Playlist profile: Melissa Hart

Tradition | Training | Vision

"So what keeps me going is interpreting the fabulous things. To bring truth to it. It also stretches me."

REVIEW: "The Heiress" cracks open the chestnut


A glowing review of The Jungle's production. Plus, so much more to know about 19th century narrative realism and James' women.

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics

Open windows


Offleash Area's co-Artistic Director expects a lot from the work he sees. This year, he was inspired by John Munger.

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Heather Quigley

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