Critic reviews

Not just for film junkies with first-world problems.

If you like ham, you'll like "Don't Dress for Dinner"

Theatre Pro Rata's "Elephant’s Graveyard": Masterful ensemble storytelling

Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company's "The Last Five Years": A vocal marathon about love and loss

Told from the outside, with only an occasional nod toward the... emotional expansion musicals traditionally exist to provide.

Transatlantic Love Affair's "Ash Land" finds life in the Dust Bowl at Illusion Theater.

"Evita" sparkles at the Orpheum Theatre.

Enjoy the appetizer and skip to the dessert.

Love's successes, failures, and tentative first steps unfurl delightfully in "Almost, Maine" at the Old Log Theater.

Fortune’s Fool Theatre's "Stop Kiss" is a different kind of love story worth seeing.