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Adam Scarpello

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July 15, 2016




Theatre Coup d'Etat

"Equus" Fight Director and Dysart US



Theatre Coup d'Etat 

"Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged" (Fall 2014) "

A Midsummer Nights Dream" Peter Quince (Summer 2014)

"Hamlet" Rosencrantz/Osric (Spring 2013)

Normandale Community College

"The Tempest" Prospero (Spring 2015)

Ghostbridge Theatre

"Four Actors in Search of a Moment" Stage Directions (Winter 2013)

Nimbus Theatre

"Cripple of Inishmaan" Babbybobby (Winter 2012)

Green T Productions

"The Hobbit" Tom/Ensemble (Fall 2012)

Candid Theatre Co.

"Killer Joe" Ansel (Fall 2012)

Savage Umbrella

"The Gamer's Guide to the Five Stages of Grief" The Game (Summer 2012)

"Care Enough" Stephen (Spring 2012)

"The Ravagers" Xanthus/Phila (Fall 2011)

The Flower Shop Project

"Medea and Jason: Rubicon Waltz" (Fall 2011) King Pelias/Alexander the Great

Six Elements Theatre

"Human Combat Chess" 2011, 2012 (Summer)

Old Gem Theatre

"Number the Stars" Papa/German Soldiers (Winter 2011)

Chameleon Theatre Circle

"The Who's Tommy" Lover/Walker (Summer 2011)

"Marat/Sade" Marquis de Sade (Spring 2011)

"Art" Serge (Winter 2011)

"1940's Raido Hour" Jonny Cantone (Winter 2010)

"School for Scandal" Joseph Surface (Fall 2010)

"Suburb the Musical" Stewart (Summer 2010)

"Eurydice" Lord of the Underworld (Winter 2010)

"Taming of the Shrew" Petruccio (Summer 2009)

"An American Daughter" Timber Tucker (Spring 2008)

Sample Night Live

Host/Captain Seadog Roberts (Regular)

Lion Lays with Lamb

"This is Not For You" Company (Fall 2009)

Theatre in the Round Players

"Henry V" Lord Scroop/Gower (Winter 2008)

Nebraska Shakespeare Festival

"Henry V" Lord Scroop/French Soldier (Summer 2007)

"Taming of the Shrew" Lucentio (Summer 2006)

"Antony and Cleopatra" Canidius (Summer 2006)

"Richard III" Dorset (Summer 2005)

Omaha Community Playhouse

"Das Barbeque" Siegfried (Spring 2004)


Red Frog Productions

"Domestic Violence" John (2005)

Pseudo Productions

"Eva et Claus" Claus (2005)

Pale Moon Productions

"Red Herrings" Finley (2004)

"Nice Guys Finnish" Rick (2003)


Jordan Hishschool

"Romeo and Juliet"

Theatre Coup d'Etat

"Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged"

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

"Romeo and Juliet"


"One Flea Spare"

Normandale Community College

"Fuddy Meers"

"As You Like It"

"The Arabian Nights"

"Romeo and Juliet"

"The Othello Project"

Candid Theatre Co.

"Killer Joe"

Theatre Pro Rata

"Lovers and Executioners"

Public Dreams Theatre

"The Tempest"

Savage Umbrella

"The Ravagers"

Bloomington Theatre and Art Center

"Moonlight and Magnolias"


Six Elements Theatre

"Human Combat Chess 2011"

Chameleon Theatre Circle

"The Who's Tommy"


Red Frog Productions

"Domestic Violence"

Pseudo Productions

"Eva et Claus"

Pale Moon Productions

"Red Herrings"

"Nice Guys Finnish"


University of Nebraska at Omaha Bachelor of Arts in Theatre


Archaic Weapons Combat, Archery (Longbow, Compound Bow), Armor Proficiency (Padded, Leather, Chain, Plate), Boxing, Climbing, Fencing (Sport), Horseback Riding, Leadership Training, Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai), Practical Applications of Combat, Staged Combat, Swimming

Movement for the Actor/Susan Suprenent

Voice for the Actor/Susan Suprenent

Auditions for the Stage/Cindy Melby Phaneuf

Classical Training/Cindy Melby Phaneuf

Postmodern Training/D. Scott Glasser

Staged Combat/Terry Doughman

TV and Commercials/Barbara Shelton

Voice/Melissa Hart

Firearms Training/Dan Heidelberg

AWARDS ~Chameleon Theatre Circle President's Award 2011

~KC/ACTF 2013 Certificate of Merit for Fight Direction "As You Like It" at Normandale Community Collage