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Annie Barbour

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January 5, 2018

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Recent Credits include

Amelia Earhart  An Accident of Sex    Kismet Creative Center (STL)                                                                          Lana Dvorak

Lily (voice)        4000 Miles                   New Jewish Theatre (STL)                                                                              Edward Coffield

Claire               The Verge                    The Larks (STL)                                                                                                Lucas Reilly

Juliet (U.S.)      Romeo and Juliet         Great River Shakes. Fest                                                                                Doug Sholz-Carlson

Elinor / Henry    King John                    GRSF Apprentice Project                                                                                Rick Barbour

Narrator            Peter and The Wolf      The St. Louis Symphony                                                                                   Bruce Longworth

Player               Shake 38                      Shakespeare Fest. STL                                                                                   Melaina Ricks

+ Assistant Text Coach to Gale Childs Daly for the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis’ production of Hamlet (directed by Paul Mason Barnes)


My name is Annie Barbour and I am an accident of theatre. My childhood was spent coloring in the back rows of theatres while my parents worked onstage, when I was in middle school my summers consisted of Shakespeare festivals, and throughout high school I still found myself spending all my time in rehearsal halls. Needless to say, I was an awkward kid. . It was my sophomore year when I was cast in my first real role as Candy in Of Mice and Men. And as strange as it may sound, working on that text and investigating who this broken, old man really was stirred something in me that I had not realized was there. Theatre was no longer a circumstance, but a living feeling inside me – it had become part of my identity.

It took me to the Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts where I endured unrelenting training and met like-minded artists. Faculty who challenged me to not let the enjoyment of acting stop me from discovering the real truths to be found in the work. That the work is never finished and you can always go deeper. Principles that have become a part of my theatrical and personal identity. I find a deep joy investigating Shakespeare’s texts as an actor and text coach. Hearing how a few lines of verse can contain a deeper metaphor and passion of spirit that is incomparable to anything I say on an average Tuesday drives me to continue the work of the classics. I want to give those words life, tell the universal stories shimmering just beneath the surface, and let those who are missing the human essence of heightened text revel in their understanding of it.


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