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Ashley Hovell

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February 1, 2020


Ashley is a Minneapolis based theatre artist. She has worked closely with Uprising Theatre Company in the last 3 years as well as various other companies in the Twin Cities area. Ashley is a beginning visual artist specializing in fluid art. Last January she took part in first year of The National Actor's Retreat in Creede, Colorado. She has been part of staged readings with The Playwright's Center and has helped teach a playwrighting class through Uprising Theatre Company for women on parole.

Ashley is currently directing Doctor Voynich and Her Children: A Prediction by Leanna Keys with Uprising Theatre Company.


Ashley Hovella HD


Cardboard Suitcase Productions

  • Violent Delights-Ensemble

Uprising Theatre Company

  • The Resistiance Of My Skin-Jess
  • These Shining Lives-Catherine Wolfe Donohue
  • Sex In The Dark-Jess
  • Who Has Eyes To See-Allison
  • Son of A Gun-Kate

Lake Shore Players Theatre

  • Miracle On 34th Street-Dr. Pierce

WAR Theatre

  • De Hjertelose: The Heartless [2017 Fringe Encore]-Ran

Mission Theatre Company

  • Romeo and Juliet-Benvolio
  • Macbeth-Seyton

Hero Now Theatre Company

  • The Oresteia-Chorus C

Six Elements Theatre Company

  • Human Combat Chess




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