Brian Kelly

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August 30, 2019


Brian began his professional career with ComedySportz Twin Cities in 1993.  He then performed with Mystery Cafe, Tony & Tina's Wedding and in 1998, he and composer Todd Price created the musical comedy "The Temp." In 2002, he joined "Triple Espresso," which he performed everywhere from Des Moines Iowa to Dublin, Ireland. From 2013 to 2018 he served as the Entertainment Director for the St. Paul Saints, overseeing the transition from Midway Stadium to CHS Field. He continues to work with the Saints as "On-Field Correspondent." In 2016 he took over as owner and artistic director of the Mystery Cafe’. For Mystery Cafe, he has co-written “The eX-Feds," "Death Throws a Curveball," "Alma Murder - A Killer Class Reunion," and "I'll be Homicidal for Christmas." His monkeyshines have also been seen in "Flanagan's Wake," "Guys on Ice," "Sisters of Swing," "12 Angry Men" and numerous TV & Radio commercials (yes, including the donor spot). 


ComedySportz (company member) 1993-present
Mystery Cafe (actor) 1994-present
The Temp (Writer/Director/Actor) - 1998
Tony & Tina's Wedding (Actor) - 2000-2001
Triple Espresso (Actor) - 2002-present
St. Paul Saints (Entertainment Director) - 2013-2018
St. Paul Saints (On-Field Correspondent) - 2013-present
The Mystery Cafe (Owner, Artistic Director, Writer) - 2016-present