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Charla Marie Bailey

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May 31, 2019


Charla Marie Bailey is an actress based in the Twin Cities and willing to travel. She just recently quit her day job to pursue acting full time and live her dream. So far, Charla Marie has been blessed to be able to pay her bills and keep her car. This year she will be participating in the Park Square General Auditions!


Charla Marie Bailey Film Reel


Charla Marie Bailey, 651-235-6856; [email protected]

Selected Theatre Experience:

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry / Mama Logan / Stepping Stone Theater, Dir. Kory Laquess Pullam

Odd Man Out / Sherisse Michaelson / Underdog Theatre, Dir. Kory Laquess Pullam

Good People / Kate / Lyric Arts Theater, Dir. Kari Steinbach

Revolt She Said Revolt Again / Ensemble / Frank Theatre, Dir. Wendy Knox

BUG / R.C. / Shadow Horse Theatre, Dir. Justin Kirkeburg

As You Like It / Jacques / IHCC Dir. George Roesler

Most Massive Woman Wins / Celia / Theatre Unbound, Dir. Miriam Monasch

Other Skills: Singing (alto/mezzo soprano), Improv, Southern, British, Jamaican Accents, Ballroom Dance, Softball, Stage Combat, Self Defense, Model, Poet, Cartwheels and Hula Hoops

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