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Damon Mentzer

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February 28, 2018
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Damon C Mentzer Acting Reel


Theatre                                 (Role)                                     (Theater—Director)

 Fool for Love                      Eddie                                      The Playhouse San Antonio—George Green

 Sense and Sensibility         Essentials/Ensemble           Guthrie Theater—Sarah Rasmussen

 Prometheus Bound            Oceanus/Ensemble             Uprising Theatre—Denzel Belin

 The Glass Menagerie         Tom Wingfield                    The Modern Theatre—Patrick Treadway

 Wait Until Dark                  Sam Hendrix                        Interplayers—Jack Phillips

 The Odd Couple                 Felix Unger                           Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre—Jadd Davis

 Around…80 Days              Phileas Fogg                         Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre—Jadd Davis

 Richard III                           Richard III                            Spartan Theatre—William Marlowe

 39 Steps                                Richard Hannay                  Interplayers—Patrick Treadway

 The Importance…Earnest      Jack Worthing                 ART NW—Michael Weaver

 Long Day’s Journey…Night     Edmund Tyrone        ART NW—Michael Weaver

 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern     Rosencrantz                Merc Playhouse—Jeremy Lindholm

 Moon Over Buffalo           Howard                                 Interplayers—Paul Villabrille

 The Woman in Black        The Actor                              Interplayers—Ron Ford

 The Fantastiks                    Mortimer                               Interplayers—Roger Welch

 How the Other Half Loves     William Detweiler          ART NW—Michael Weaver

 Twelfth Night                      Sebastian                              Allegro-Baroque Festival—Jack Phillips

 Much Ado About Nothing     Borachio                          Allegro-Baroque Festival—Jack Phillips

 Othello                                  Montano/Ensemble            Interplayers—Nike Imoru

 Inspecting Carol                 Wayne Wellacre                   Interplayers—Nike Imoru

 The Mystery of Irma Vep    Lord Edgar, etc.                Interplayers—Nike Imoru

 The Tempest                       Ferdinand                              Allegro-Baroque Festival—Jack Phillips


Film                                       (Principle Roles)                  (Production Co.—Director)

 Different Drummers            Mr. Hatcher                          Different Drummers LLC—Lyle Hatcher, Don Caron

 Tiki                                          Mance Lipscomb                 Image Entertainment—Ron Ford

 An Evil Within                      Deputy Porter                       Last Night LLC—Sage Bannick

 The Absent                            Fake Shemp                          Last Night LLC—Sage Bannick

 Serenade                                Robert                                    Kendra Sherrill

 Marty                                      Chuck                                    Jason McKee


Television                            (Principle Roles)                  (Production Co.—Director)

 Z-Nation                               Dad Bandit                           SyFy/NxNW—Michael Robison


Commercial                           (Principle Roles)                  (Production Co.)

 AT&T                                      Dad/Announcer                   Ben Fowler Productions

 Coeur d’Alene Casino          Car Salesman                       NxNW

 Junior Achievement PSA          Mr. Phillips                      NxNW

 Idaho Lottery Raffle Tickets        Ticket #2                     NxNW-Idaho

 Coeur d’Alene Casino          BBQ Winner                         NxNW

 AT&T                                      Man with Tablet                  ILF Media

 Whitworth College                Comedian                             BHW1

 Rosauer’s                                Man in Robe                        NxNW

 Coeur d’Alene Casino          Supervisor                             NxNW

 Sanford-Brown College        Store Patron                         ILF Media


Special Skills/Training/Experience

 AWIN Private Practice-Film Coaching                         Nike Imoru, PhD, C.S.A.

 AWIN Acting for Camera-Scene Study Workshop     Nike Imoru, PhD, C.S.A.



 Stage Manager – 14 shows

 Stage Combat: Training and roles – 11 shows

 Live Fire Weapons: Training and roles – 5 shows

 Stunt Work: Prat falls/Physical comedy, Pyrotechnic

  Internship: Coeur D’Alene Summer Theatre – 4 shows

  Lights and Sound Board Operator – 10 shows

  Stage Lighting Design

  Production Technology Consultant

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