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Edwin Strout

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January 8, 2018


In the 26 years that Edwin Strout has been performing in the Twin Cities theater community, he has worked with over 41 different theater companies in over 100 roles.  

He completed an Observership in 2001 at Stephen Josheph Theatre in Scarborough, England, under Sir Alan Ayckbourn.  And then produced and acted in 7 Ayckbourn plays under Joking Apart Theater.

He continues to produce one-act plays for MN Fringe Festival.


HAMLET                       Ghost/Player King/Gravedigger         Wayward Theatre Company

THE WEIR                                        Finbar                                Wayward Theatre Company

DEATH IN YOSEMITE                      Park Ranger                     Rooftop Theatre Company

TURN OF THE SCREW                   Man                                    Hero Now Theatre

THE GHOST TRAIN                          Saul Hodgkin                   Wayward/Mission Theaters

GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD            Eygorushka                      Theatre Pro Rata

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM   Quince/Egeus/1st Fairy   Park Square Theatre

AND TO THINK I SAW IT ON BAKER STREET  Moriarty         Rooftop Theatre Company

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION     Flan                                  Theater Underground

BOBBY GOULD IN HELL                 The Interrogator               Joking Apart Theater

THE CONSOLATION                         Professor Milgram          Ethel-Ready! Productions

GOD OF CARNAGE                          Alan Raleigh                    Bloomington Civic Theatre

MORNING FOLLOWS NIGHT           Councilman Mason         Radio Noir KBEM-FM

33 VARIATIONS                                 Beethoven                        Park Square Theatre

FIFTH PLANET                                  Mike                                  Joking Apart Theater

ROCKET TO THE MOON                  Willy Wax                         Gremlin Theater

DREAMS OF A RAREBIT FIEND      16 Different Roles           Hardcover Theater

DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER            Bernard                            Theatre in the Round

THE IMAGINARY INVALID                 Argan                               Theatre in the Round

THE FINAL ACT                                  Christopher Marlowe     Tedious Brief Productions

CHARLES & AVON                             Kelly Long                       Radio Noir KBEM-FM

THREE VOYAGES OF THE LOBOTOMOBILE   Leo Porter      PlayLabs Festival

THE FRIAR AND THE NURSE           Friar Lawrence                Joking Apart Theater

PUSS IN BOOTS                                 Ratzel                               Old Log Theater

AMARETTI ANGELS                           Mike                                 Joking Apart Theater

THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY    Everett K Olson         Mixed Blood Theatre

OTHELLO                                             Roderigo                         Park Square Theatre

MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW            Ted Baxter                       Torch Theater

THE WILLIAM WILLIAMS EFFECT     Joseph Hennessey        Balance Theatre Project

SHIPWRECKED!                                  9 Different Roles             Jungle Theater

BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS           Jack Jerome                    Sabes Jewish CC

1940’s RADIO HOUR                            Lou Cohn                        8-Ball Theater

WELLSTONE!                                       12 Different Roles           Sabes Jewish CC

MY EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES       Emperor                           Theatre L’Homme Dieu

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