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Elle Thoni

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October 8, 2016


Elle Thoni is a playwright, performance-maker and cultural producer.

As a playwright, she is interested in identifying the underlying myths that make up our modern identity and breaking them apart through the intimacy and immediacy of live performance.

Today, we live in a world where we are constantly barraged with media; it is simply impossible for an individual to digest messages at the rate they are being produced. Bringing stories into the realm of live performance returns them to a human pace, and draws people in through the invitation of a shared moment. Elle believes that through this rare communalism, we can find the audacity and the humility to see ourselves both as we are and as we would like to be.

Elle creates revisionist myths by assembling different types of "text-ures," ranging from verbatim language from interviews to quotes from media sources, historical documents & scientific lectures to song lyrics, invented language, and the non-verbal communication of movement, puppetry & mask. These overlapping text-ures create diverse dramatic ecosystems for the audience to place themselves in wherever they choose.

Elle embraces theatre as ritual and spectacle, both in her playwriting and in her public art practice. Her work is highly informed by feminism, queerness, climate change & cultural resilience dialogues. She is proud to be based in Minneapolis, MN and also enjoys collaborating across borders. In the past, she has had the joy of working in Haiti, South Africa, India and Canada.

She enjoys writing letters, drinking red wine and taking herself for long walks.