Janet Mondloh

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July 31, 2017


     I am actively involved in both the Twin Cities theater and filmmaking scenes and have acted or served as choral director in stage productions at Sabes Jewish Community Center, DayTrippers Theatre, Fridley Community Theater, Moore Than Dance Studio, Black Dirt Theatre, Passport Stages, Minneapolis Actors and Artists Coop, and Alethea Productions. In addition to several short films and commercial films, I have appeared in the locally made indie films Matthew 18 and She’s My Everything, and was part of Thunderbird – A Web Series.

   With a degree in music education, I have many years’ experience in playing the organ for worship services and directing both adult and children’s choirs, and am currently teaching classes in children's musical theater. I have studied acting techniques at The Guthrie Theatre, and have taken additional vocal, on camera, and teleprompter classes.

   Recently retired, I am now available during the day as well as most evenings and weekend for creative activities in music, theater, and film.


Saint Dymphna's Final Cut

Seniors: Eat Well to Be Well.

The Fool


On Camera

Assited Loving                            Lenore Cole                  Under the Stairs Productions / Bruce Specktor

Matthew 18                                Ghost                           Bats N Belfrey Productions / Roy Belfry

SNAP Video                               Spokesperson               Community Blueprint / Andy Berndt

Still Pacific Music Video               Office Worker               Stumptown Media / Josh Quigley            

Law Enforcement Training Video  Various Scenes             Milo Range Training Systems / Michael Steinbeck

Perfectly Perfect                         Mom                            Muxer Media/ Matthew Stoffel

Sad Clown                                 Grandma                      Greyduck Productions / Jason P. Schumacher

Twin Cities                                 Restaurant Customer     Greyduck Productions / Jason P. Schumacher

In an Instant                               Landlord                       ABC TV – IN AN INSTANT

Bikelops Kickstarter Video           Mom                            TCA Media / Nicole Kruex

She’s My Everything                   Nurse                           Sangre de Cristo Productions / Kris Bates

Marie and Teddy                        Marie                           Strange Turtle Productions / Mark Neuman-Scott

Thunderbird – A Web Series        Bar Regular                  Carbon City Cinema / Jesse Dvorak, Director

Theater People – Web Series      Office Worker               MetaThesis Films / Matthew G Anderson

Saint Dymphna’s                        Nurse Susan                 U of M Student Film - Molly Jokimaki

Being Warmth                            Denise                         UNWSP Student Film – Nathan Soderholm




 (The Place My Stuff Resides)      Therapist                       Red Dice Collective / Dir. Miranda Shunkwiler

The Milk Lady’s Son                   Rose Weindruk             Sabes Jewish Community Center / Dir. Robyn Frank

Steel Magnolias                          Clairee                         Fridley Community Theatre / Dir. Tom Larson

Sex Please, We’re Sixty              Hillary Hudson              DayTrippers Theatre / Dir. Bill Kenzie

Buzzard Ball                              Ginger Adams               Passport Stages / Dir. Steven P. Peterson

Reunion for Revenge                   Mrs. Heartly                 Minneapolis Actors and Artist Coop / Dir. Daniel Schneider

Arsenic & Old Lace                     Abby                            Black Dirt Theater / Dir. Diogo Lopes

Fiddler on the Roof                     Music Director               Fridley Community Theatre / Dir. Tom Larson

Willy Wonka and                        Mrs. Gloop                    Moore Than Dance Studio / Dir. Angela Mannella-Hoffman

   The Chocolate Factory                                                                                    

Music Man                                 Maud Dunlap                Fridley Community Theatre / Dir. Tom Larson

Oliver                                        Mrs. Sowerberry           Moore Than Dance Studio / Dir. Angela Mannella-Hoffman



Guthrie Theater                         Acting Classes / Dario Tangelson, Michelle Hutchison, Laura Esping          

Lynn Blumenthal Casting On Camera Workshop / Michelle Hutchison

Bab’s Casting                             Teleprompter Class / Barbara Shelton

Bab’s Casting                             Bite and Smile Class / Barbara Shelton

Moore Than Dance Studio           Voice Class, Musical Theater Class / Suzanne Reyburn, Tony Freeman

Hamline University                     BA Music Education – Pipe Organ, Piano, Vocal


INSTRUCTOR                          Musical Theater, Piano    Moore Than Dance Studio / Owner: Angela Mannella-Hoffman



SPECIAL INTERESTS – Ability to read music / play keyboard instruments; Experience in leading groups from young children to adults; Using a southern accent; Participating in fitness classes; Knitting/sewing.    


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