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Jessica Passaro

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January 16, 2018

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Recent Credits:

Cynthia Muldoon in THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND at St. Croix Festival Theatre, Cowherd/ Barkeep/ Elf in CHILDE ROLAND TO THE DARK TOWER CAME by Six Elements Theatre, Chelsea in ON GOLDEN POND at St. Croix Festival Theatre, and as a Choir Member for THE CHRISTIANS by Walking Shadow in assoc. w/ Mixed Blood. 



Professional credits include; Sundog Theater Co., Snug Harbor Theater, Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre (SIST), Kill-Her Entertainment, and The Studio Theater in NYC, Signature Theatre and Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre in Virginia, and The Way-Off Broadway Theater in Maryland. Jessica's work on MN/ WI stages includes: Chelsea in "On Golden Pond" and Cynthia in "The Real Inspector Hound" at St. Croix Festival Theatre, Six Elements Theatre's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came", #MNFringe shows "The Non-Producers" (Tromp'L'oeil) and "If Only" (SPOG), appearing in the choir for "The Christians" Walking Shadow, as Ellie in Cardinal Theatricals acclaimed production of “The Wild Party” (Fitzgerald), and  CLIMB Theatre's "Watershed Protection Squad". Jessica’s commercial work includes “Be the ONE Run” (national) and meetminneapolis.org’s “TWINS Flash Mob”.  

Jessica has a BFA in Music Theatre from Shenandoah University, and in addition to performing, she has served the theater world in a multitude of capacities including; Stabilizer (aka Finance & Operations Manager): CLIMB Theatre, Business Affairs Manager: Cardinal Theatricals, Director: Growing Stage Theatre Co., Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre, Assistant Director & Assistant Stage Manager: Pluto Productions/ The New End Theatre at: The Grace Theatre and The Kings Head Theatre, London, Stage Manager: Actors Theatre of Snug Harbor, Sundog Theatre, Kill-Her Entertainment, OLSS Theatre, SI Shakespearean Theatre, House Manager­ RENT at the LAB Theater, Run Crew: St. Louis Rep


Vocal Range: Soprano/ Mezzo   

Union Status: EMC

SKILLS   Pass in Unarmed Stage Combat by the SAFD, 2017, Accents/ Dialects: Neutral American, Standard British, Cockney, Midwest, Southern, Spanish, Italian, French, Stage Standard; Dance: Tap, Jazz and Ballet; Swimming, Skiing, Horseback Riding, able to read music.  

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