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Joe Allen

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January 14, 2020
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Up Next:
I Love You, You're Perfect... Now Change - The Duluth Playhouse
Sir Despard - Ruddigore - Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Company
Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky - with MN Orchestra, Osmo Vanska, and MN Chorale 

Recent Projects:
1940's Radio Christmas Carol - Lyric Arts
Ripcord - Sidekick Theatre
The Rape of Lucretia - Journey North Opera Company



Joe Allen is an Actor, Singer, Director, and Educator based in Minneapolis, MN. In recent credits he has: appeared onstage with Lyric Arts, Theater Latte Da, Sidekick Theatre, MN Opera, Journey North Opera, and Lakes Area Music Festival; directed My Fair Lady for Morris Park Players;  keeps a daytime theatre gig with Sciencetellers and Talewise doing educational science & character shows for schools and libraries in the MN & WI region. Joe is a rostered singer with MN Chorale, and a dues-paying grandfathered member of Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Company. He lives with his partner, two daughters, and two cats in Minneapolis. Joe's favorite activities include climbing, yoga, reading, playing table-top and video games, informed discussion, heartmind, and nonsense.