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Kyle Marks

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January 5, 2019


Kyle Marks is an actor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from Augustana University with a degree in Theatre and English, and has worked with theatres all over the midwest. 


Professional Theatre

Twelfth Night                                   Sir Andrew                Carrie Colton    North Dakota Shakespeare

Unnecessary Farce                         Agent Frank              Dan Workman      Black Hills Playhouse

Young Frankenstein                       Ziggy                         Matt Nesmith           Black Hills Playhouse

Peter and the Starcatcher             Smee                           Emily Cherry         Black Hills Playhouse

Hamlet                                          Horatio                       Jayna Fitzsimmons       Bare Bodkins


Academic Theatre

The Addams Family Musical         Mal Beineke              Dan Workman          Augustana University

King Lear                                          Gloucester                 Jayna Fitzsimmons   Augustana University

Pinocchio                                         Actor 1                       Jen Luke                    Augustana University

Mother Courage and Her              The Chaplain               Jayna Fitzsimmons   Augustana University


Unnecessary Farce                         Agent Frank             Dan Workman         Augustana University

1940s Radio Hour                           Pops Bailey              Dan Workman          Augustana University

Antigone                                           Chorus Leader         Jayna Fitzsimmons   Augustana University

The Odd Couple                              Oscar Madison        Dan Workman          Augustana University

A Doll’s House                                 Doctor Rank             Jayna Fitzsimmons   Augustana University

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