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Lillian Noonan

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January 21, 2018


Lily currently works as an actor for the MNCIT Officer Training Association, and will be appearing in The (Almost) Complete and (Mostly) Accurate History of Alcohol on The Brave New Workshop ETC Stage this April!


Lily Noonan is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota's B.A. Theatre Department, and she is a local actor in the Twin Cities. Lily recently performed as Lea in the Arts' Fledgling Program's premiere of Eva Adderly's We Have A Second Bathroom. Lily also recently performed at the 24-Hour Theatre Smackdown with Theatre Unbound in WonderGirls, also by Eva Adderly. Lily has extensive training in the Margolis Method with Kym Longhi. She has performed with Combustible Company's Bluebeard's Dollhouse at the James J Hillhouse and played the role of Nora Lover. This past summer, Lily and her friends wrote an original sketch comedy show, The Bechdel Show at Bryant Lake Bowl, where Lily perfomed as an ensemble member. At her time at the University of Minnesota, Lily performed in several shows including The Threepenny Opera (Jenny Diver), A Penny for Brecht (Mary Sawyer), Earth First! The Musical (Judi Bari) The Kitchen (Jackie/Tramp), and Mazeltov (Grandma). Lily is also a local drag king, you can catch her Thursdays performing at LUSH and other venues.