Paul Brissett

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January 9, 2020


Paul is a retired journalist and corporate communicator whose love for theater was born in kindergarten, when he was cast as captain of the toy soldiers in the Christmas program. Since then he has played roles from classic to contemporary, comedy to drama, in more than 20 productions—his favorites being Faber in Theater in the Round’s “Fahrenheit 451,” Danforth in “The Crucible” and Greg in “Sylvia,” both at the Duluth Playhouse, and the Ghost in Wise Fool Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

Since moving to Minneapolis in July 2015, he’s been a member of Raye Birk’s Actors Workout and has worked steadily on stage and camera.


Paul Brissett


[email protected]

Ht: 5’6”    Wt: 160    Shirt 16-32 (M)    Pants: 36X27     Waist: 36    Suit: 42S     Shoe: 8 1/2     Hair: Gray        Eyes: Brown



Title                                                  Role                               Venue                                                             Director

Witness for the Prosecution                    Justice Wainwright             Zephyr Theatre                                             Randal Berger

Facility                                               Lionel                              Minnesota Fringe Festival                                   Phil Darg

                                                                                                & Sabes Jewish Community Center

Volpone                                              Corbaccio                         Classical Actors Ensemble                              Joseph Papke

The Merchant of Venice                         Balthazar/Jailer                   Classical Actors Ensemble                               Kate Powers

A View From the Bridge (scene)              Eddie Carbone                    Actors Workout Showcase                             Phil Bratnober

Fahrenheit 451                                     Faber                               Theater in the Round                                     Linda Paulsen

The Miser                                           Harpagon                          Wise Fool Shakespeare, Duluth                           Liz Larson

The Crucible                                        Danforth                           Duluth Playhouse                                  John Pokrzywinski

Hamlet                                               Ghost                               Wise Fool Shakespeare, Duluth                John Pokrzywinski

The Government Inspector                      School Principal                Play Ground, Duluth                                      Bob Mitchell

Sylvia                                                Greg                                Duluth Playhouse                                             Jean Olson

Barefoot in the Park                              Victor Velasco                   County Seat Theatre, Cloquet                        Larry Anderson

The Road to Mecca                               Marius                             Dark Horse Theatre, Duluth                            Julie Unulock

Macbeth                                              Duncan                             Duluth Playhouse                                   Colleen Daugherty

Romeo and Juliet                                  Lord Capulet                     Duluth Playhouse                           Christy Montour-Larson


Comcast                                                                    Video out-of-house                                                   Man in concourse

Afton                                                                        Video out-of-house                                                       Wedding guest

United Health Care                                                      Internet Video                                                                     Principal

3M Product rollout                                                      Print                                                                                 Principal

Grason-Stadler                                                            Internet Video                                                                         Client

Polinsky Rehabilitation                                               Video out-of-house                                                              Physician


Title                                                                        Role                                                                                Director

Between the Lines                                                       Hero                                                              Lillie Rosemary Wojcik

Dig                                                                          Byron                                                                 Charlie Berg, HCTC

History Channel feature                                                Peasant                                                                          Ben Krueger


Production                                        Role                               Studio                                                            Director

How to Stage a Comeback                      Police Chief                      Cloverleaf Audio                                          Jeffrey Langan

War of the Worlds                                 Newscaster                        KUMD-FM, Duluth                                       Frank Gerval

Woody Guthrie Tribute                          Various                            KUMD-FM, Duluth                                Lawrance Bernabo


Title                                                                        Studio                                                                          Instructor

Level 1 Voiceover                                                       Guthrie Theatre                                                                   Jim Cada

Acting                                                                      Guthrie Theatre                                 Candace Barrett Birk, Laura Esping

Actors Workout                                                                                                                                                 Raye Birk

On-Camera class                                                         Babs Casting                                                              Barbara Shelton


RP English, basic hand-to-hand stage combat, boxing, football, soccer, wrestling, U.S. Army small arms, carpentry


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