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Robby Miller

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January 17, 2019


Robby Miller is a performer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a recent 2018 Hamline University graduate with a dual degree in Theatre Arts and Marketing. He has skills in not only performance, but has also worked with several Twin Cities arts organizations providing administrative support including Park Square Theatre and Minnesota Fringe.


The News: A Musical  (Various Ensemble) -- Clevername Theatre -- dir. Alexander Gerchak

Rabbit Hole  (Howie Corbett) -- Hamline University Theatre -- dir. Jeff Turner

24:00:00 Extreme Theatre Smackdown  (Squirrel 2) -- Theatre Unbound -- dir. Rebekah Rentzel 

The Seagull  (Konstantin Treplev) -- Hamline University Theatre -- dir. Genevieve Bennett

Dancing at Lughnasa  (Gerry Evans) -- Hamline University Theatre -- dir. Carin Bratlie

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Various Ensemble) -- Park Productions -- dir. Robert Thompson/Rachel Brady

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