Roderick Kleiss

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April 3, 2018

Roderick’s current news

Currently rehearsing for an April 14th opening of Lone Star Spirits at Festival Theatre in St. Croix Falls, WI. I'll be Walter in this production. This I think will be a really good production.


Rod has acted part time for most of his life as an engineer. He has now sold his business and would like to act full time. He is very fit with a good voice and some tenor/baritone singing talent but club feet for dancing. Age range is very old to 40's.

Rod has studied for a year at Circle In The Square Theater in NYC in the 80's. We worked in the Guthrie's Actor's Workout for three years with Raye Birk, and studied singing with Maury Jones and others.


Theater Roles In NYC

“Freedom Sunday”                 American Demonstrator       AJC Historical Production

Recent Theater in Minneapolis

Play                                 Role                     Theater                       Director

Bull                                     Carter                    Hypnic Jerk                     Kari Steinbach

Lone Star Spirits                Walter                    Festival Theatre Co.        Jason Richards

Peter and Alice                  Lewis Carroll          Candid Theater Co.         Justin Kirkeberg

Fahrenheit 451                  Chief Beatty           Theatre In The Round     Linda Paulsen

1000 Clowns                     Arnold                    Theatre In The Round     Dona Freeman

Anne of Green Gables        Mathew                  Theatre In The Round     Dona Freeman

Marriage of Bette & Boo     Karl                        Theatre In The Round     Randy Reyes

The Lark                           Bishop Cauchon      Theatre In The Round     Randy Reyes

Helen                               Menelaus                20% Theatre Co             Leah Starr

The Cherry Orchard           Gayev                     10,000 Things                Darcey Engen

Julius Ceasar                   Cassius                    Cromulent Theater         Mark Palmer

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