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Sharayah Bunce

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January 18, 2019
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Sharayah Lynn Bunce

612.296.2359 ♦ [email protected]

HEIGHT: 5’4”    WEIGHT: 113 lbs            SHOE: 7        B”-W”-H”: 32”-26”-36”   

HAIR & EYES: L Brown & Brown    SINGING: Soprano/Mezzo/Belt    RANGE: C3-F6    Shirt: Small Pant: 2/3


It’s a Wonderful Life    Mary Hatch Bailey    Joseph LaForte    Lakeshore Players

Guys and Dolls    Sarah US/Agatha    Kent Knutson    Old Log Theatre

Snow White    Snow White    Kent Knutson    Old Log Theatre

Life Could Be A Dream    Lois US    Kent Knutson    Old Log Theatre

Til Death: A Marriage Musical    Freddie    Joy Donley    Bucket Brigade

Cinderella    Cinderella US*/Ens.          Peter C. Brosius    Children’s Theatre Co.

Gloria    Gloria    Lori Bunce    Bunce Backyard

Everyman    Death/Good Deeds    Jeremy Stanbary    Open Window

Cinderella    Cinderella    Kent Knutson     Old Log Theatre

Children of Eden    Yonah    Elizabeth Yoder     Bunce Backyard

Charlotte’s Web    Fern    Anne Byrd     Old Log Theatre

Into the Woods    Little Red Ridinghood    Nathan Cousins    Home Base    

Narnia    Susan Pevensie    Nathan Cousins    University

Oliver!    The Artful Dodger    Jennifer Hunter    University

Tarzan    Jane Porter    Elizabeth Yoder     Bunce Backyard

Midsummer Night’s Dream    Robin Starveling    Kari Steinbach    University

Pride and Prejudice    Caroline Bingley    Kari Steinbach    University

Side Show    Violet Hilton    Dr. Don Rainbow    University   

Joseph and the Amazing…    Narrator    Greg and Lori Bunce    Bunce Backyard   
Little Shop of Horrors    Audrey    JC Lippold    Maple Grove HS


B.S. in Theatre from the University of Northwestern-St Paul

Private Voice Training    Soprano/Belt    Doreen Hutchings, Doree Du Toit

Dance    Ballet/Jazz/Tap    Jolene Konkel, Corey Mills

Disney Performing Arts    Musical Theatre Workshop    Linda Love Simmons

Acting for Film and Voice Over     Workshop (L.A.)    Hal Masonberg, Steve Staley

Actor Training    University of Northwestern    Brian Grandison, Dr. Don Rainbow, Joy Donley

Other Stage Training—Laura Osnes, Greta Grosch, Kathleen Turner, Brian Grandison, Corey Mills, Joy Donley


Opera and Musical Theatre voice training,Some Stage Combat (Hand to Hand and Weapons), Teleprompter, Accents, Improvisation Training (playback and interactive), Some Tumbling. I love autumn, Netflix, and I’m a goony gal.