Sulia Rose Altenberg

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March 27, 2018


Sulia has been acting in the Twin Cities since she was a tiny 12 year old and continues to enjoy living and working in her community. After spending her last semester studying abroad in Amsterdam, She graduated from the University of Minnesota in December 2015. Upon returning from Amsterdam she headed to Park Square Theatre to play Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank. as well as tour with GTC Dramatic Dialogues to perform for college students about sex, substance abuse and diversity. Sulia has enjoyed worked with Walkinh Shadow Theatre Company, Loudmouth Collective, Theatre Unbound, Gremlin Theater, Daleko Arts, the Guthrie Theater, Illusion Theater, Comedy Suitcase, and Frank Theatre. One her favorite times of year is summer, when she gets to rehearse outside for MN Fringe shows in such audience loved shows as The Wright Stuff (Outlandish Productions), Synchronicity (Raw Sugar), Couple Fight II (Weggel-Reed Productions), Backlash, One Hit Thunder, Class of 98' (Mainly Me Productions), Hour Town (Dana's Boys) and The Harty Boys and the Case of the Limping Platypus (Comedy Suitcase). 


Sulia Rose Altenberg 

 612-702-7467[email protected]


Red Velvet                                      Amy Rummenie                  Walking Shadow Theatre

The Diary of Anne Frank (Anne)  Ellen Fenster                       Park Square Theatre

Waiting for Waiting for Godot      Matthew Sciple                    Loudmouth Collective 

Keepin it Real                                Bonnie Morris                      Illusion Theater

The Philadelphia Story                 Joshua James Campbell     Daleko Arts 

H2O                                                Ellen Fenster                        Gremlin Theatre

Lily                                                 Shelli Place                          Theatre Unbound

Graceland                                      Emily Gill                              Theatre Unbound

Hour Town                                     Brad Erickson                       Dana’s Boys

Synchronicity                                Rebekah Rentzal                  Raw Sugar

The Wright Stuff                            Josh Carson                          Mainly Me Productions

One Hit Thunder                           Josh Carson                          Mainly Me Productions

Class of 98’                                   Josh Carson                          Mainly Me Productions

The Harty Boys (recurring)           Shanan Custer                      Comedy Suitcase

By The Bog of Cats                      Wendy Knox                          Frank Theatre



University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Class of 2015

The Actor's Workout with Raye Birk (March 2017 - present)

Private Voice Lessons with Joey Clark (March 2016 - present)

The Moving Company LeCoq Workshop (2013 & 2016) 

Park Square Theater Ambassadors Class 2012-13



Vocal Range: Soprano (E3-A6)

Accents and Dialects: RP British, Yorkshire, American Southern, Irish, New England/Kennedy, Polish

Languages: Intermediate Italian;  Beginning Spanish

Roller blading/skating; basic stage combat; super endurance hula hooping; tap dancing.

Great with kids, pets and trained in personal care assistance to individuals with disabilities. 

Touring Company Member for GTC Dramatic Dialogues 2016-2017

Actor for MN Crisis Intervention Training 2017


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