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Thomas Matthes

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January 17, 2019
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Growing up in Minneapolis, Thomas has been around the Twin Cities theater community for as long as he can remember. His dad was a theater teacher at a local high school and he used to spend his days after school sitting in on rehearsals and playing the token child from time to time. He got his Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Theater from the Univeristy of Minnesota Duluth, where he fell deeper in love with Theater, Hockey, and the North Shore. After moving back to the Twin Cities he's split his time between performing in loosely based historical sketch comedies, and writing plays that he'll never really touch again after twenty pages. He's also done educational shows, improv, interractive theater a (very) short flim, and even podcasting. When not performing, you might spot Thomas trying his best to sell beer to your favorite restaurant, or shouting to the heavens about the perpetual dissapointement that is the Minnesota Vikings. 



Buried Child


University of Minnesota Duluth  (dir. Jenna Soleo Shanks)

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot


Stage II (dir Alex Goebel)

The (Almost) Compleat and (Mostly)

Accurate History of Alcohol.


Mainly Me (dir Josh Carson & Andy Rocco Kraft)

It’s a Wonderful Life, Live Radio Play

Freddie Filmore

University of Minnesota Duluth  (dir Lee Gundersheimer)

Compleat Female Stage Beauty


Awesome 80s Prom


Pursed Lips and Wide Eyes

Thomas Killigrew





University of Minnesota Duluth  (dir. Kate Ufema)


Actor’s theater of Minnesota (dir. Brad Erickson)


Stage II  (dir. Bailey Boots)

Street Scene

Henry Davis

University of Minnesota Duluth  (dir. Alice Pierce)

Speech and Debate


Stage II (dir. Koki Sabates)



Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, acting emphasis.  

University of Minnesota Duluth

Stage Combat  (Rick Sordelet, single session)

University of Minnesota Duluth

Guthrie High School Project Shakespeare (Andrew Wade, Ken Washington, Randy Reyes)

Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Schools on Stage

Guthrie Theater



Guitar, Percussion, Improv, Juggling.


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