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January 17, 2018

Trevor’s current news

Lucky me, I'm about to become Gaston in Cameleon Theater Circle's production of Steve Martin's Picasso at the Lapin Agile, opening Feb 9th at the Gremlin Theater.  Yay!

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Saturday 2/24
at 7:30 pm


Trevor Keeth is an energy wave, amplifying and propagating itself through performance, music, writing, and relationships. When he isn’t acting, he is probably singing, or laughing. Or maybe even doing both at the same time, which is actually really difficult.


Trevor Keeth, acting reel (11/2017)

Just Fagin's Best Bits - Oliver!

Reviewing the Situation - Oliver!



  • America's Sweetheart            Sonny Capone

              Dir. Gerald Freedman / Hartford Stage Company  Hartford, CT

  • Picasso at the Lapin Agile  (in production)    Gaston

              Dir. Daniel McDermott / Chameleon Theater Circle

  • My Beautiful Infinity  (staged reading)        George

              Dir. Megan West / Chameleon Theater Circle

  • Crash & Burn: An American Success Story     Johnny Meteor/Tattoo Tony   Dir. Eric Marinus Nelson / MN Fringe Festival

  • Birthdays Can Be Murder!            Jack (Proprietor)

       Dir. Dana Naylor / Curtains Up Columbia!  Columbia, MO

  • Oliver!                    Fagin

              Dir. Molly Dodge / Maplewood Barn  Columbia, MO

  • Darker Shores                Prof. Gabriel Stokes

              Dir. Curtis Abbott / Maplewood Barn  Columbia, MO

  • Leading Ladies                Butch

              Dir. Joe Bogue / Maplewood Barn  Columbia, MO

  • Radio Play                Various Roles

       Dir. Holly Maness / Missouri Theater - KOPN  Columbia, MO

  • 12 Angry Men                Juror Three

              Lewis S Mills H.S.  Burlington, CT

  • The Importance of Being Earnest        John Worthing

              Lewis S Mills H.S.  Burlington, CT


  • Step on the Gas (short)            Lead (Andrew Campbell)

              Dir. Joe Hegle        Institute of Production & Recording

  • Blood Pays For Blood  (short)        Supporting (Cultist #1)

              Dir. Harrison Reeder    Urban Mountain Media

  • The Last Job (short)            Lead (Andy)

              Dir. PJ Mack       Institute of Production & Recording

  • Bad Cop (short)                Lead (Tony)

              Dir. Justin Campbell    Institute of Production & Recording

  • Studio King (short)                Supporting Lead (Brent)

              Dir. Sam Singh        Institute of Production & Recording

  • Zoloft by Ween  (music video)            Lead (Self)

              Dir. Trevor Keeth & Ben Zlotucha    2 Tokens/Verboden

  • In An Instant -s03- "Lost in Snow" (TV)    Background/Extra

              Dir. Andy Awes        Committee Films/ABC


Maplewood Barn/KBIA 91.3 FM  Columbia, MO

  • Phantom of the Opera             Erique Claudin (Phantom)

              Dir. Molly Dodge 

  • Miracle on 34th St.                Gimbel / Mortimer

  • The Inner Sanctum Mysteries:  The Horla    Martin

              Dir. Byron Scott

  • Sorry, Wrong Number             George / 3rd Man

              Dir. Byron Scott 

  • Father Knows Best - Christmas Program     Tom

              Dir. Molly Dodge

  • My Favorite Husband - The Attic         Mr. Wood

              Dir. Molly Dodge

  • My Favorite Husband - Knitting Baby Booties     Cory / Atterbury

              Dir. Molly Dodge

  • Quiet, Please - Rain on New Year's Eve     Dody

              Dir. Molly Dodge

  • The Sea Fairies, part 2, part 3         Zog / Joe

               Dir. Molly Dodge

  • Dark Shanghai                 Barlow

              Dir. Joe Bogue

  • Mrs. Bindle's Lock-Out             Mr. Bindle

               Dir. Byron Scott 

  • Life of Riley: The Valentine Locket         Sidney / Gillis

              Dir. Molly Dodge

  • Life of Riley: The Rileys' First Date         Sidney / Barker

              Dir. Molly Dodge

  • Rallying Round Old George             Voules / Sturgis

               Dir. Byron Scott 

  • Mr. Clackworthy Within The Law         Denton

               Dir. Byron Scott

  • Solange: Dr. Ledru's Story of the Reign of Terror     Sergeant / Father 

                Dir. Byron Scott 


Actor's Workout with Raye Birk                      Guthrie Theater        Minneapolis, MN

On-Camera Scene Study with Michelle Hutchison                          Minneapolis, MN

Scene Study with Carol Estey                 Talking Horse Productions    Columbia, MO

B.S.  Mass Communication - Film                  Emerson College        Boston, MA


Comic Timing!  Character voices.  Teleprompter.  Learn accents quickly.  (French, English RP, London/Cockney, Canadian) Work well with kids.  Camping.  Hiking.  Firearms training.  Cooking.  Instruments:  Lead & Bass guitars,  Drums.



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