Apartment 101

Presented by Sparkle Theatricals

Secret Minneapolis venue revealed with ticket purchase.

75 minutes

Past performances

Thursday, October 26 6:30 pm
Thursday, October 26 8:30 pm
Friday, October 27 6:30 pm
Friday, October 27 8:30 pm
Saturday, October 28 6:30 pm
Saturday, October 28 8:30 pm
Sunday, October 29 2:00 pm
Sunday, October 29 4:00 pm
Monday, October 30 6:30 pm
Monday, October 30 8:30 pm
Tuesday, October 31 6:30 pm
Tuesday, October 31 8:30 pm
Storytelling Experimental New work Minnesota premiere

Be enchanted by close-up sleight of hand feats and contemplate captivating tales about Time. Apartment 101 is more than an everyday magic show - are you curious? Use code MAGIC101 for $15 off each ticket.

Neal Beckman The Receptionist
Steven Paul Carlson The Horologist; Illusion Design, Scripting, and Performance
Kristin Idaszak Playwright
Alejandra Iannone Creative Director
Rick Ausland Creative Director
Jaime Chismar Seebacher Graphic Designer