Bad Poets Society

HUGE Improv Theater

3037 Lyndale Ave S

60 minutes

Past performances

Saturday, March 7 10:30 pm
Saturday, March 14 10:30 pm
Saturday, March 21 10:30 pm
Saturday, April 4 10:30 pm
Saturday, April 11 10:30 pm
Saturday, April 18 10:30 pm
Saturday, April 25 10:30 pm
Comedy Improv New work

Bad Poets Society is a collection of improvisers/poets of questionable talent. Together, with inspiration from you, we weave together improvised scenes and spontaneous spoken word. Sometimes, it's good. Always, it's ART.

Saturdays in March & April (except March 28) at HUGE Theater
With special guests: Pupppets! 

Jill Bernard 
Justin Betancourt
Shoshana Alexander-Daniels
Monika Hetzler
Hannah McNamee
Deepika Pangarkar
Jada Pulley 
Katie Quinn
Chris Rodriguez 
Will Schroeder 
Victoria S. Temiz
with direction from Denzel Belin
and musical accompaniment by Erik Ostrom

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