Don't Hug Me, We're Family

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120 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Friday, March 9 6:00 pm
Saturday, March 10 6:00 pm
Friday, March 16 6:00 pm
Saturday, March 17 6:00 pm
Friday, March 23 6:00 pm
Saturday, March 24 6:00 pm
Friday, April 6 6:00 pm
Saturday, April 7 6:00 pm
Friday, April 13 6:00 pm
Saturday, April 14 12:00 pm
Saturday, April 14 6:00 pm
Friday, April 20 6:00 pm
Friday, April 27 6:00 pm
Saturday, April 28 12:00 pm
Saturday, April 28 6:00 pm
Friday, May 4 6:00 pm
Comedy Musical Minnesota premiere

Don’t Hug Me, We’re Family is the sixth in the Don’t Hug Me series of musical comedies. Gunner and Clara Johnson are owners of a little northwoods Minnesota bar called The Bunyan. Things are tight so, to make ends meet, they rent out a little radio station, KOLD Radio, in the bar for extra money. Gunner hosts a radio show called “Crappie Talk,” devoted entirely to ice fishing for crappies. Because of its narrow subject, Gunner has no listeners, and he loses his only advertiser Kanute’s Bait Mart and Deer Petting Farm. His wife Clara hosts "Book Beat." She has all the listeners and all the advertisers. This doesn’t sit well with Gunner, who has been competitive with Clara ever since she beat him in the County Fair fishing contest. Things get turned upside down when two fish-out-of-water Brooklyn Italians come to town and threaten the existence of the radio station, promoting Clara and firing Gunner. Gunner has his work cut out for him. He needs his radio station job, he needs his dignity, but most important, he needs Clara.