Family Explorations Day

Presented by Theater Mu

Broadcast Online


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Past performances

Saturday, October 16 12:00 pm


Family Explorations Day is a virtual event for kids and their families to delve into the world of theater alongside some of our favorite theater artists. At the event, you’ll be able to enjoy two performances and take part in various interactive activities like dancing, puppetry, and prop-making. We’ll be your guide on this journey exploring all the different elements of theater. Sign up early and receive an activity kit in the mail for each member of your family (while supplies last!)


Performances: Flute showcase by Hillary Lor, puppet show by Đenise Hanh Huỳnh, Oanh Vu, and Tri Vo.

Activities: Set design with Dexieng Yang, acting games for the family with Aaron Telander, shadow puppetry with Adrienne Reich, Filipino animal sculpture with Brandon Cayetano.


This interactive event will occur through Zoom. Join us in the virtual space to watch the performances, and then split off into breakout rooms to participate in various activities. The event will also be broadcast through Theater Mu’s streaming platform so you can enjoy the event away from Zoom and on your own. A minimum of one ticket per household is required to watch the show.