On the Concept of Irony (with No Reference to Socr…

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Die Laughing Halftime


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Saturday, April 10 4:30 pm
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Comedy Storytelling

"Who wants reality? I can get that for free. That's the whole point. I kind of have to."


What happens when human folly runs face-first into apocalypse? Sad puppies, Elder Gods, cryogenically frozen comedians...welcome to this year's grotesque anthology of comic horror, with no mention whatsoever of a certain ancient Greek philosopher.
WARNING: contains profanity, gunshots, graphic descriptions of violent and sexual acts, and a wildly inappropriate spirit of levity.
phillip andrew bennett low is a Chinese-American playwright and poet, storyteller and mime, theatre critic and libertarian activist. His solo performances have won acclaim from Minneapolis to Atlanta, New York to LA -- even as far as Melbourne, Australia. He was the co-founder of the Rockstar Storytellers (a supergroup of bestselling Twin Cities spoken-word artists), founder and producer of the touring theatre troupe Maximum Verbosity, and founder and host of the country's only openmic dedicated to speculative fiction, The Not-So-Silent Planet, and its associated podcast. He has published two humor collections, Indecision Now! and Get Thee Behind Me, Santa.


"Writer phillip low is a talented man with a gift for caustic monologues. But he also has a crazed sense of humor..."
-Kansas City Stage

"Liberation through extreme tastelessness may be Low's most powerful self-help prescription. His precursor in this mode is Paul Krassner..."
-Jay Harvey, Upstage (Indianapolis)

"...puts to shame the notion: 'Brevity is the soul of wit.' ...with his offbeat sense of humor, he offers up a desperate cry for common sense for the country, if not the world."
-Tristan Miller, comedian

"...an accomplished writer and performer with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor...also viciously intelligent and terrifyingly well-read...ranges from sophomoric laughs to incisive political and cultural observations."
-E.J. Bouinatchova, author of Fresh Cut

Jena Young Brewder, Crystal