Revolt of the Beavers: A Play About Labor

Presented by Say It Loud Productions at Minnesota Fringe Festival

Minnesota Fringe Festival (Mixed Blood venue)

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55 minutes

Without intermission

Comedy Musical New work Minnesota premiere

An original "fringe-size" adaptation of the New Deal children's play Brooks Atkinson once called "Marxism a la Mother Goose".  Set in a fanciful animal landscape,  Revolt of the Beavers spins a tale about an mean old factory owner and the valiant beaver workers who organize to demand  "a fair shake"!  Framed by scenes that re-imagine the Dies Commission (HUAC) hearings which led to the shuttering of the great Federal Theater Project, Revolt is fringy,  subversive children's musical political theater at its most whimsical. With Julie Daffyd as the Chief of the Beaver and Natalie Rae Wass as the scrappy labor organizer who faces her down!  A Minnesota Fringe Festival offering performing at the Mixed Blood Theatre, August 2-12, 2018. Tickets through only.