Say It! Sing It! Play It! In Cherokee

Presented by The Ordway Center for Performing Arts

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45 minutes

Past performances

Monday, November 1 8:00 am
Tuesday, November 2 8:00 am
Wednesday, November 3 8:00 am
Thursday, November 4 8:00 am
Friday, November 5 8:00 am
Saturday, November 6 8:00 am
Sunday, November 7 8:00 am
Monday, November 8 8:00 am
Tuesday, November 9 8:00 am
Wednesday, November 10 8:00 am
Thursday, November 11 8:00 am
Friday, November 12 8:00 am
Saturday, November 13 8:00 am
Sunday, November 14 8:00 am
Monday, November 15 8:00 am
Tuesday, November 16 8:00 am
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How do you keep alive an endangered language? By singing it loud and proud with Turtle and Wabbit! Through catchy songs and fun storytelling, award-winning Z Puppets' performers, Cherokee tribal member Chris Griffith, with Shari Aronson, lead an adventure into the Cherokee language.
 Sing along and you, too, will learn how to count to three, make the basic sounds, say hello and thank you in Cherokee!

Join Turtle & Wabbit for the virtual version of Say it! Sing it! Play it! in Cherokee — streaming for the month of November!

Schools, organizations, and individuals can join Z Puppets for a virtual musical adventure, presented by the Ordway Center for Performing Arts.


In 2019, the Cherokee Nation declared a state of emergency for their language. This performance is part of Ordway’s celebration of Native American Heritage Month.