Snow White and the Seven Vikings

Presented by Excelsior Entertainment

Old Log Theatre

5185 Meadville Street, Excelsior, MN

$14 - $16

Call 952-474-5951
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60 minutes

Past performances

Wednesday, November 29 10:00 am
Friday, December 1 10:00 am
Saturday, December 2 11:00 am
Saturday, December 2 1:30 pm
Monday, December 4 10:00 am
Tuesday, December 5 10:00 am
Tuesday, December 5 12:30 pm
Wednesday, December 6 10:00 am
Friday, December 8 10:00 am
Saturday, December 9 11:00 am
Saturday, December 9 1:30 pm
Monday, December 11 10:00 am
Tuesday, December 12 10:00 am
Tuesday, December 12 12:30 pm
Wednesday, December 13 10:00 am
Friday, December 15 10:00 am
Comedy Kids Minnesota premiere

Old Log Theatre's Holiday Family Show

This adaptation is the same Snow White Story we have all grown up knowing, with a few fun twists. The Dwarfs are now a bunch of funny gentle Vikings. The play is set in the snow-covered land of Norway. Jealousy and vanity will be exposed while friendship and love will ensure all will live happily ever after.  You won't want to miss Old Log Theatre’s "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with a hilarious Norse twist.