The Good, the Bad and the Bearded Finale

Presented by Bearded Men Minneapolis

HUGE Theater

3037 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408

60 minutes

Past performances

Friday, October 27 10:30 pm
Comedy Improv

The finale episode of the first season of Bearded Men Minneapolis’ newest serialized improv show is here.

Set in the Wild West, The Good, the Bad and the Bearded explores the town of Red Ridge and the people who call it home. This serialized adventure has continued to build as each performance picked up where the last left off (with recaps at the top of each episode to catch everyone up on the action). Greed pushed them this far, what will push them further? Gold, guns or each other?

The show has been a hit with audience saying, "I can't stop watching" and "Intrigue, plot twists and all the staredowns you can handle."

Come be a part of the season finale! Opening set by This Guy That Guy Improv.

Tyler Michaels Improviser
MJ Marsh Improviser