The World Crime League's F**ked-Up Xmas Special

Presented by The World Crime League

The Phoenix Theatre

2605 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

150 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Thursday, December 7 7:30 pm
Friday, December 8 7:30 pm
Saturday, December 9 7:30 pm
Sunday, December 10 2:00 pm
  • Pay what you can night
Drama Comedy New work Minnesota premiere

One weekend only!

Join the World Crime League (the people who brought you the Dead of Winter Double Feature and Writer's Block.) for an evening of nine short plays dealing with the darker avenues of the holiday season. This not your typical holly-jolly holiday fare. These Christmas plays have a wicked edge, with humor that can be as dark as the coal black, soulless eyes of Frosty the Snowman.

The festival includes:

-A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol by Steph DeFerie

The undead plague Victorian London in this classic Charles Dickens tale

-The Red Suitcase by Alex Dremann

In an airport terminal on Christmas Eve, a cuckolded Santa Claus makes a sinister proposition to an unfaithful husband.

-Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine (or Tiny Tim, Who Did Not Die) by Duncan Pflaster

On Christmas Eve, Timothy (once known as Tiny Tim), a vampire, wishes to bestow the gift of immortality upon a homeless woman.

-Becky's Christmas Wish by Ashley Lauren Rogers

Every Christmas, Santa sends a magical elf to the best little boy or girl in the world in order to grant them a wish. This year, the elf appears to Becky, who makes a wish that the elf is not very keen to grant.

-Noel & Joy: A Not So Christmas Special by Joe Samaniego

Joy and her girlfriend Noel spend Christmas Eve hunting for the perfect Christmas tree in a less-than-stellar tree farm, and trying to put off the dreaded visit from Joy's conservative parents.

-Bobby's Letter to Santa by Nicholas Gentile and Lisa Gentile

Jesus Christ calls for a meeting with Santa Claus regarding the future direction of Christmas, making the latter fear for his own future.

-Cold Outside by Duncan Pflaster

Inspired by one of the more questionable Christmas standards, the Mouse stays to help clean up after the Wolf's holiday party and is subjected to the Wolf's unwanted attentions.

-Christmas Present by Valerie Borey

After doing some holiday shopping, Juniper meets a man on the bus she had a thing with and gives him an unwanted Christmas present.

-Shooting Father Christmas by Andrew Rosdail

A disturbed woman plans to assassinate Santa Claus during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Content warning: this festival will contain harsh and potentially offensive language, sexual content, violence, gun violence, blood, and at least two very vulgar Santa Clauses. This event is very much for mature audiences only. The title is the only thing that is censored.

$15 Preorder online, $20 at door. Pay-what-you-can on the Sunday matinee!

$5 off at the door when you present your Fringe Button!

Joy (Noel & Joy: A Not So Christmas Special)
Stephanie Alexander Director (Bobby's Letter to Santa, Becky's Christmas Wish, The Red Suitcase)
Varghese Alexander Joseph (Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine, or Tiny Tim Who Did Not Die), Jesus (Bobby's Letter to Santa), Bob Cratchit (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Ryan Beal Director (Shooting Father Christmas)
Al Fiene Santa Claus (The Red Suitcase), The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Kya FIscher Elf (Becky's Christmas Wish), Dora (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Haley Hubbard The Ghost of Christmas Past/Mrs. Cratchit (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol
Alex Kokovich Noel (Noel & Joy: A Not So Christmas Special)
James Miskimen Scrooge (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol), Elf (Bobby's Letter to Santa)
Becky (Becky's Christmas Wish), Rutlidge (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Andy Rakerd Kringle (Shooting Father Christmas), Fred (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol, Rusty (Noel & Joy: A Not So Christmas Special)
Andrew Rosdail Director (Noel & Joy: A Not So Christmas Special, Christmas Present, Cold Outside, Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine or Tiny Tim Who Did Not Die), Producer, Playwright (Shooting Father Christmas)
Bethel Safawo Dolores (Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine or Tiny Tim Who Did Not Die)
Timothy (Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine or Tiny Tim Who Did Not Die) Tiny Tim (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Mary Southern Light Designer
Troy Stolp Director (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Leigh Webber Santa Claus (Bobby's Letter to Santa)
Alexander Wolfe Drew (The Red Suitcase), The Wolf (Cold Outside), Jacob Marley (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Juniper (Christmas Present) , The Mouse (Cold Outside), Buttle (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Jeri (Shooting Father Christmas), Ghost of Christmas Present (A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol)
Valerie Borey Playwright (Christmas Present)