Thursday, March 5, 2020

10 am

Twelfth Night

10:30 am

Wurtele Thrust Stage
818 South 2nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55415

$15 - $79
Call 612.377.2224
Buy tickets online

Presented by Guthrie Theater
  • Comedy

When a shipwrecked Viola washes up on Illyria’s shores without her twin brother, she must adapt to her strange new surroundings on her own. For safety, she disguises herself as a man named Cesario, finds employment with the handsome Orsino and secretly falls in love with him though Orsino pines for Olivia’s devotion. After a series of mishaps and mayhem, their love triangle becomes so entangled it brings all of Illyria along for the ride. When at last the truth is revealed, the Bard’s starry-eyed tale proves that the revelry of love is something worth fighting for.

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5 pm

Now Accepting Naked Stages Applications!

5:00 pm

Pillsbury House Theatre
3501 Chicago Avenue South

Presented by Pillsbury House Theatre
  • Drama
  • Experimental

Naked Stages, a 7-month Jerome Fellowship for emerging performance artists at Pillsbury House Theatre, is now accepting applications for 2020. Three emerging artists will be selected.

Deadline for Submission:
Applications are due Monday, March 30 by 5 PM
Applications are completed through Submittable:

Feedback Sessions:
Saturdays March 14 & 21, 2020 | 1 – 3 PM at Pillsbury House Theatre
The Feedback Session is an opportunity for applicants to drop in and have the draft of their grant reviewed by Program Director Pramila Vasudevan, who will suggest revisions.

Contact Naked Stages Director Pramila Vasudevan at [email protected] with any questions or help with your application process.


About the Naked Stages Program

A creative opportunity unlike any other in the Minnesota, Naked Stages is the culmination of a 7 month fellowship that provides three early career performance artists with the time, resources, and mentorship they need to bring their distinctive visions to life on stage. In addition to regular feedback sessions, the artists participate in workshops with local creators, as well as more intensive workshops with nationally-renowned artists. Once a month, they also participate in production meetings focused on the business side of art, from audience development to technical support, helping to develop their unique voice into a sustainable, artistic career.

Naked Stages performances are the final step of a multi-layered program designed for artists to be their most bold and creative selves.

Selections will be announced by early May, 2020.

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6 pm

Forbidden Fruit(s): A Prohibition Extravaganza

6:30 pm
Runs 90 minutes

France 44 Wines & Spirits Classroom
4351 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Call 6129253252
Buy tickets online

Presented by Commutator Collective + France 44 Wines & Spirits
  • Comedy
  • Experimental

Drink wine and enjoy new work at France 44!

Join us as we take you back to the era of art deco and flapper girls, when alcohol and something called “homosexuality” were against the law, when people said words like “stool-pigeon” and “reefer” out loud using their mouths. That’s right, folks! We’re teaching Prohibition like it’s never been taught before: in an educational lecture-cum-theatrical experiment that would have been really helpful before the big AP test you took in high school.

This wine tasting / theater piece will feature an original script, live actors, and education provided by France 44's wine experts! Come sample historically relevant booze, frown at anachronistic jokes, and hear us say the word “pansy” at least five or six times. Presented by Commutator Collective, who also failed to teach you about phylloxera. Attendees will receive a mixed flight of seven wines, spirits, and cocktails, as well as snacks provided by the France 44 Cheese Shop.

Tickets must be reserved in advance. Participants must be 21 years old. Tickets are non-refundable. If you cannot attend a class you have registered for, registration is transferable to another France 44 class through Dojour.

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7 pm

Saint Joan

7:00 pm
Runs 130 minutes

Plymouth Congregational Church Chapel
1900 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Call 6122136443
Buy tickets online

Presented by The Orchard Theater Collective
  • Drama

SET IN 15th century France, amidst the bloody backdrop of the Hundred Years’ War with England, the play follows the miraculous life of a simple country girl who changed not only the tide of the war but also the course of world history. Written in 1923 by George Bernard Shaw, one of England's most celebrated and influential writers, Saint Joan premiered only three years after the official canonization of Joan of Arc as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Presented in the Chapel at Plymouth Congregational Church. March 6th - March 21st

Pay What You Can Preview on March 5th

Tickets are $15 minimum on a sliding scale

Free parking is available at the church

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7:00 pm
Runs 120 minutes

  • Opening night

The Duluth Playhouse Family Theatre
506 W. Michigan Street

Call 218-733-7555
Buy tickets online

Presented by The Duluth Playhouse
  • Musical
  • Kids

This event is postponed. Please visit for updates!

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Significant Other- by Joshua Harmon

7:30 pm

Highland Park Community Center Theater
1978 Ford Pkwy., Saint Paul, MN 55116

$23 – $38.
Call 651-647-4315
Buy tickets online

Presented by Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company
  • Comedy

February 15 - March 8, 2020

directed by Hayley Finn

Meet Jordan, a young Jewish gay man living in New York City. Life is a whirlwind of fun with his cohort of best girl friends at his side. But as singles nights slowly turn into bachelorette parties and weddings, Jordan finds himself fantasizing and yearning for his own significant other. His tender relationship with his grandmother provides solace and support, but what does his future hold? A new comedy by the writer of Bad Jews.

Individual tickets are $23 – $38. Audio described performance is Sunday, March 1 at 1:00 p.m.

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Wait Until Dark

Lakeshore Players Theatre
4941 Long Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Call 651-478-7427
Buy tickets online

Presented by Lakeshore Players Theatre
  • Drama

In 1944, Susan Hendrix, a blind Greenwich Village housewife, is imperiled by a trio of men in her own apartment. As the suspense builds, Susan discovers that her blindness just might be the key to her escape. In this nail-biting adaptation by Minnesota playwright Jeffery Hatcher, this classic thriller comes to a chilling conclusion as night falls and Susan must fight for her life.


Iréna Flury - Susan Hendrix

James Lane - Mike

Ryan D. Maddux - Roat

Parker Shook - Carlino

Ella Jean Martin - Gloria

Daniel Hildebrand - Sam

Directed by Larisa Netterlund || Stage Managed by Faith DuBois


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Twelfth Night

7:30 pm

Wurtele Thrust Stage
818 South 2nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55415

$15 - $79
Call 612.377.2224
Buy tickets online

Presented by Guthrie Theater
  • Comedy

When a shipwrecked Viola washes up on Illyria’s shores without her twin brother, she must adapt to her strange new surroundings on her own. For safety, she disguises herself as a man named Cesario, finds employment with the handsome Orsino and secretly falls in love with him though Orsino pines for Olivia’s devotion. After a series of mishaps and mayhem, their love triangle becomes so entangled it brings all of Illyria along for the ride. When at last the truth is revealed, the Bard’s starry-eyed tale proves that the revelry of love is something worth fighting for.

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7:30 pm

  • Opening night

Park Square Theatre
20 West 7th Place, Saint Paul, MN 55102

$27 – $70 (Discounts for students, seniors, military, groups, and people age 30 and under)
Call 651.291.7005
Buy tickets online

Presented by Park Square Theatre
  • Storytelling

Park Square inaugurates FACE TO FACE, partnering this season with the internationally renowned Ping Chong + Company, a New York leader in community-specific, interview-based theatre events. Using their own words, our neighbors become the storytellers, creating a theatre piece that reveals the vibrancy and resiliency of Hmong families in Saint Paul. FACE TO FACE is a new ongoing series celebrating cultures and addressing issues in our community.

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The World Over by Keith Bunin

7:30 pm
Runs 120 minutes

Open Window Theatre
5300 S Robert Trl #400, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Call 6126151515
Buy tickets online

Presented by Open Window Theatre
  • Drama

“We’re all of us meant to be heroes”. Join us for the regional premiere of playwright Keith Bunin’s unforgettable tale of adventure, love, loss and redemption. Drawing on a vast array of influences from the Bible, to The Odyssey, to Shakespeare, The World Over masterfully speaks to the original beauty and goodness of the human person, while showing just how far we’ve fallen. At once wholly fantastical and profoundly truthful, Bunin never leaves us without humor or hope in this epic story of a man in search of his home. Adam believes he is the lost prince of Gildoray, but nobody else in the world believes that Gildoray even exists. Adam will journey the world over, battling monsters, enduring shipwrecks, and daring deeds of heroism, to search for his lost kingdom and save his people.

"THE WORLD OVER is exceeding wise: a profound, insightful, thought-provoking examination of the most fundamental aspects of our humanity.”

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The Bacchae

7:30 pm

McGuire Proscenium Stage
818 South 2nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55415

$15 - $79
Call 612.377.2224
Buy tickets online

Presented by Guthrie Theater
  • Drama

In Euripides’ tale of hubris and tyranny, a disguised Dionysus descends on the city of Thebes to prove Zeus is his father and settle a score with his mortal adversary King Pentheus. His attempts to tear the people’s loyalties away from the king cause a frenzy of emotion that lands Dionysus in prison. But Pentheus’ misguided attempt to suppress the god’s influence tests his leadership and threatens to bring his family to ruin. With striking visuals and bewitching beauty, legendary director Anne Bogart gives this ancient tale a modern, razor-sharp edge.

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The Dixie Swim Club

7:30 pm
Runs 120 minutes

Old Log Theatre
5185 Meadville Street, Excelsior, MN

$30 - $40
Call 952-474-5951
Buy tickets online

Presented by Old Log Theatre
  • Comedy

Written by Jones Hope Wooten
Directed by Eric Morris

This touching comedy centers around five Southern women who became friends on their college swim team. The group sets aside a long weekend every August to recharge their relationships. Free from husbands, kids and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage on North Carolina's Outer Banks to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other's lives. The play begins 22 years after they graduate from college. "The Dixie Swim Club" focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of thirty-three years. As their lives unfold and the years pass, these women increasingly rely on one another, through advice and raucous repartee to get through the challenges (men, sex, marriage, parenting, divorce and aging) that life flings at them. And when fate throws a wrench into one of their lives in the second act, these friends, proving the enduring power of 'teamwork', rally around their own with the strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction. It is really a study in friendship and how it grows and changes through the years. 

Jones Hope Wooten are the authors of “Golden Girls” and “Savannah Sipping Society”

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The Convert

7:30 pm
Runs 150 minutes

Gremlin Theatre
550 Vandalia Ave St Paul, MN 55114

Call 612-724-3760
Buy tickets online

Presented by Frank Theatre
  • Drama

A powerful play exploring British colonialism in southern Africa and the use of Christianity for cultural disruption.

Set in 1896 Rhodesia, a young girl whose father has passed away is to be traded, by her uncle, to an older man with ten wives in exchange for a number of goats. She escapes this forced marriage by taking refuge in the home of an African teacher in the Catholic church. In exchange, she is given a new name, forbidden to practice her traditional beliefs, required to wear clothing of the colonizers, and, eventually, is cut off from her family to prove her Christian faith. As tensions in the surrounding villages grow, THE CONVERT explores the struggle between tribal customs and the ways of the British settlers, between traditional African beliefs and the Christianity brought by the colonizers. As tensions rise in the nearby villages, resistance could mean death.

 “After producing ECLIPSED nearly a decade ago, we have been pursuing the rights for THE CONVERT and we couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this adventure,” says director Wendy Knox. “In some ways, THE CONVERT is a very unFrank play: it’s a big, historical, realistic, three-act play! Thematically, however, it’s right up Frank’s alley. During auditions, I had two actors, who were unfamiliar with Frank’s work, ask why I was doing this play. I answered that I thought the play was an excellent exploration of the roots of white supremacy, and that the play had much to contribute to the larger conversation we are still having, and need to be having today.”

“The Convert is shown…to be a work considering questions of racial, political and religious identity and assimilation with a provocative intelligence …” —The Guardian

“Where do you belong? It’s a question that just about everyone has to face, sooner or later, in Danai Gurira’s The Convert. And the further we go, the more complex that question becomes. It’s a terrific play — a rich, thoughtful, carefully crafted piece..” —The Financial Times


Directed by Wendy Knox
Scenery designed by Joe Stanley
Costumes by Kathy Kohl
Lighting by Tony Stoeri
Fight direction by Annie Enneking
Sound by Dan Dukich
Stage managed by Megan Fae Dougherty


Maje Adams
Yinka Ayinde
Warren C. Bowles
Hope Cervantes
Ivory Doublette
A.J. Friday
Ashe Jaafaru

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Thunder Knocking on the Door at Open Book

7:30 pm
Runs 135 minutes

Open Book
1011 Washington Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55415

Call 612-203-9502
Buy tickets online

Presented by Ten Thousand Things
  • Musical

Directed by Marcela Lorca
Music Direction by Sanford Moore

Featuring Ronnie AllenBrian BoseRajané Katurah, Greta Oglesby and T. Mychael Rambo

This mythical tale takes place at the crossroads of “here and there,” where Marvell Thunder, a mysterious shapeshifter, challenges Glory, a blind songstress, to a magical duel on the Delta Blues guitar.

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Hindsight is 2020: The Best of the Brave New Workshop

7:30 pm

Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre
824 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403

$30 - $36
Call (612)-332-6620
Buy tickets online

Presented by The Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Improv

The Brave New Workshop is all-in on throwback humor with its latest production, Hindsight is 2020: The Best of the Brave New Workshop. The renowned comedy theatre is bringing back all its best and brightest material, its most hilarious sketches, along with a few one-off weird ones from yesteryear. So, no matter how you remember the 2010s (a walk down memory pain, or full of raucous laughter), Hindsight is 2020: The Best of the Brave New Workshop is just the ticket to welcome in the brave new decade.


Written & Performed by: Lauren Anderson, Denzel Belin, Doug Neithercott and Taj Ruler

Musical Direction by: Jon Pumper

Technical Direction by: Matthew Vichlach

Directed by: Caleb McEwen


5 Previews:  Jan 30 & 31 Feb 1, 5, 6

Opening Night:  Friday, Feb 7

Show Run:  Feb 7, 2020 – May 23, 2020

The show runs weekends and select weekdays. Show times vary. Full schedule at

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The Skriker

7:30 pm

Rarig Center, Stoll Thrust Theatre
330 21st Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55455

$17 General public; $12 U of M Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Retirees; $7 Students (any college or under 18)
Call (612) 625-5380
Buy tickets online

Presented by University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
  • Drama

The University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts & Dance presents the following play: 


“The Skriker” blends English and Irish folktales with a non-linear structure to tell the story of an ancient fairy pursuing two young women in 20th century London. Whilst speaking English in her human manifestations, the Skriker forms a language all her own consisting of fragmented wordplay and twisted classic tales. Written in 1994 by the critically-acclaimed playwright Caryl Churchill, this increasingly relevant blend of magical realism and horror speaks to our current climate state. The Skriker is a stunningly imaginative play about the consequences humans must face when we exploit the natural world.



February 27th-29th @ 7:30pm

March 1st @ 2:00pm

March 4th-7th @ 7:30pm


More information and tickets:

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8 pm

Meredith Willson's The Music Man

8:00 pm
Runs 143 minutes

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
501 W. 78th St, Chanhassen, MN

$53 - $93
Call 9529341525
Buy tickets online

Presented by Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
  • Comedy
  • Musical

The citizens of River City have got trouble… That’s a capital T, that rhymes with P and stands for “Professor” Harold Hill. He’s a charming, fast-talkin’ traveling salesman who goes city to city starting youth marching bands. Hill promises to teach the kids and raises the money to purchase the instruments and uniforms. There’s just one person who can’t tell the difference between a trombone and a treble clef – Professor Hill.  Everyone is simply enamored by Professor Hill, everyone except for the suspicious town librarian, Marian Paroo.

On a campaign to rid River City of the impending demise of their youth, Professor Hill condemns a variety of activities – including Mayor Shinn’s new pool table in the town parlor. Shinn, incensed, begins an investigation into Professor Hill’s true credentials.  Marian sees right through Professor Hill’s marching band scheme. She’s ready to tell Professor Hill off until she sees her self-conscious little brother, Winthrop, shed his shyness when he picks up a shiny, new cornet. The trouble really begins when Marian’s heart beats a little faster for Professor Hill.

Get into a little trouble with Meredith Willson’s five-time Tony Award-winning musical featuring the unforgettable songs “Seventy-Six Trombones,” “Ya Got Trouble,” “Wells Fargo Wagon” and “Till There Was You.” Don’t miss this classic, all-American musical for every generation.

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Faye Driscoll: Thank You For Coming: Space

8:00 pm

Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Place

$26 ($20.80 Walker members)
Call 612-375-7600
Buy tickets online

Presented by Walker Art Center
  • Experimental

Walker Commission

“A visceral embodiment of grief and loss combined with a fierce proclamation of the ecstasy of living.” —Montclair Local

One of dance/performance’s most astonishing experimental voices, Faye Driscoll wraps up her Walker-supported trilogy—Thank You For Comingwith a moving requiem on art, the body, loss, and human connectivity. Space builds on and diverges from Driscoll’s earlier works, beloved by audiences across the country, with “an exhilaratingly personal culmination of the series” (Artforum). The intimate new performance piece, presented within an immersive installation on the McGuire stage, is informed by art-historical imagery and emerges as a collaborative creation between the artist, her astute design collaborators, and the audience.

Contains mature content.

In conjunction with the performance, Driscoll will extend the conceptual underpinnings of her trilogy to the Walker’s Gallery 7. Faye Driscoll: Thank You For Coming (February 27–April 19, 2020), the artist’s first gallery installation, will combine objects, sound, and video to create an environment that invites and challenges us to become active makers and participants.

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