Valleyfair Seeking Makeup Artists and Wardrobe Technicians for Fall Season

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Valleyfair Live Entertainment is seeking makeup artists and wardrobe technicians for our fall event, Tricks and Treats! Tricks and Treats is all about bringing Halloween to Everyone, with a selection of fantastical worlds and charming communities to experience!

During this event, there are stage shows as well as a cast of atmospheric characters.

Show Schedule

The Tricks and Treats event opens on September 23, operates on Saturdays and Sundays, and closes on October 29.

If you are interested and mostly available, please reach out with your scheduling conflicts and concerns. We are happy to try and find a plan that works for all parties!

Job Details

Must apply to the position through the Valleyfair Jobs website, pass a background check, and provide I9 documents.

Wardrobe technicians’ duties include assisting with fittings, making alterations, and completing costume maintenance tasks. Familiarity with patterns and standard stitching techniques required. Wardrobe techs could start as soon as the hiring process is complete.

Makeup artist’ duties include applying pre-determined, detailed makeup looks to performers, and following a makeup chair schedule. Experience with airbrush tools and techniques preferred. Makeup artists would start a few days prior to Opening Day of the event.

Rate of pay is $17/hour, to be paid bi-weekly.

Apply now!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email [email protected]!

You can apply anytime at this link:


We look forward to hearing from you!