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Being an actor is hard! There are so many things that you need to know to get work in this industry that you probably didn't learn about in school. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you could go and chat with friends about these challenges, get your questions answered, get quality training, and network with actors and industry professionals from all over the country all at the same time? 

The Green Room is an actor’s networking community where actors just like you meet to discuss the ins and outs of the industry. The group meets for a weekly video coffee chat to not only learn about the business side of the industry but more importantly to support each other in their auditions, performances, and in their everyday lives. We also continue our work during the week in our Slack Workspace where we can share resources and dive even deeper into our conversations.

Once a month, our weekly coffee chats serve as an industry masterclass where members can ask questions of industry professionals about things they might not have other opportunities to. We also hold workshop sessions where our members can try out new material, explore new techniques, and get feedback from a supportive community of actors and coaches from all over the country who truly want each other to succeed.

The group is a place where you can discuss tough topics and ask hard questions without fear of judgement. The Green Room is member driven but is managed by nationally known audition coach Nate Plummer. Coaching sessions and email coaching are included as part of the packages offered. With different membership options available (see attached sheet) we are certain there is a package that will help you find the keys you need to unlock your stage door.

For more information or to schedule a free “get to know you coffee chat” please visit our website:



“Nate provides a safe and comfortable space to work and explore.  He has an innate capability to help the actor dig deep into their own experience so that the material they are working on becomes so much more dynamic, relatable, and unique to the specific performer.  In my short time working with Nate so far… I am in awe of his knowledge of the business and of the way he has helped me fine tune my material and my brand.  I would recommend Nate to any actor aspiring to go the extra mile in their career endeavors.”  - Collin S, Actor from Chicago

"Working with Nate has prepared me for life as a professional performer. We can go from preparing for an audition, to strategizing and discussing branding one day, to talking about the industry as a whole the next. Nate is incredibly passionate and caring about everyone in his studio, and he genuinely cares about seeing everyone in his studio succeed. Working with him has brought me to a whole new level in my career." - Naddya A, Actor from Atlanta

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Posted December 2