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The Front Porch Players, a part of the Rosemount Area Arts Council, is excited to announce their winter, 2022 play, “84, Charing Cross Road.”

In this semi-autobiographical work, Helene Hanff, a New York playwright and script writer, was in search of obscure classics and British literature titles that she had been unable to find in New York City, when, in 1949, she noticed an ad for a London bookstore, Marks & Co. Booksellers, located at 84 Charing Cross Road. She contacted the bookstore, and the shopkeeper, Frank Doel, was able to fulfill her request. Thus began a long-distance friendship between the two, as well as other Marks & Co. staff, that lasted twenty years. Correspondence included not only letters and book orders, but the exchange of Christmas packages, birthday gifts and food parcels to help with the post-World War II food shortages in Britain.  Finally, in 1971, Helene finally made the journey to meet her literary friends, only to find she may be too late.  



Held in room 202 at the Rosemount Steeple Center, 14375 S. Robert Trail, Rosemount.

Sunday, December 5, 6-9 pm and Monday, December 6, 6-9 pm.  Readings from the script. 


This play is unique in that it consists mainly of letter correspondence between Helene (Pronounced "Helain") Hanff and Frank Doel, with a few letters from Cecily who doubles as Joan Todd late in the play.  The remainder of the cast have only a few lines in the play, but the blocking is very precise and constant.  These files reference the page number in the script.  Using this table, you only need to open the file containing the page number corresponding to the cast name you wish to read for.  EVERYONE who auditions will read, but remember, there are only a few primary roles.  

Helene p. 7, 9-10, 13-15, 22-23

Frank p. 15, 32, 73-74, 75-76

Cecily/Joan  18-21, 23-24, 56, 78

COVID NOTE!  If you are vaccinated, masks are not required. Unvaccinated auditionees should wear a mask.

Rehearsals begin January 3, run Monday-Thursday, 6-9 pm. PLUS, tech rehearsal, February 19 10 am – 4 pm, Refresher Thursday, March 3, 6-9 pm.

Performance dates: February 25, 7 pm; February 26, 2 pm AND 7 pm; March 4, 7 pm; March 5, 2 pm AND 7 pm.


Helene Hanff  30’s to 40’s

Frank Doel  early 40’s

Cecily/Joan 30’s

George Martin, over 50

Bill Humphries, 25-ish

Megan Wells/Maxine Stuart 40’s

Thomas Teen-20

Questions call director, Keith Reed, 651-261-1954,  email


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