Auditions for 18-28 year old actors - Ashland Falls

Northern Starz Theatre Company is holding auditions for Ashland Falls. Our young adult (18-28) summer show is looking for 11 women and 3 men for this production. The show is about a school receiving a mysterious script about a girl who died long ago. The director disappears. A new director arrives just in time and knows all about the story of the play. In fact, she seems to know it too well. And how did she get the dead girl’s ring? Are the students of Herbert Hoover High too wrapped up in miscues, awful accents, and stolen boyfriends to notice? Revenge is coming. Who will pay the price when the real world and the play collide? Each actor must play two vastly different roles in this spine-tingling comedy thriller. This easy to stage and intense theatrical experience will keep your audience on their edge of their seats. And the twist ending will make them question everything they've witnessed.

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