Auditions for a new female-driven comedy show

Bring Up Baby Mama - a new comedy

Produced by Smartmouth Comedy, written by Bailey Murphy and Kelliann Kary, directed by Kelliann Kary.

Auditions, rehearsals, and performances at Phoenix Theater (2605 Hennepin Avenue Uptown MPLS)

Auditions February 5th & 6th in the evening, callbacks the 9th.

What to Bring:
Please bring your headshot and resume and prepare 2 minutes of anything funny  -monologue, standup, storying telling, a song- whatever best showcases your comedic timing!     Click to sign up for an audition slot!

Rehearsals start March 23rd. Performances April 24th through May 9th. Stipend paid on final performance. 

Show Description:
It's Maggie's baby shower, and not only is she throwing it herself, but she's also giving no details as to who the father is. Her family and friends arrive with games and gifts to celebrate the arrival of her child, but as the party moves forward tumultuous activities occur, the truth about the baby's father comes out, and a rideshare race determines whether the baby gets delivered in time! 

Character Breakdown:
Maggie: 32, pregnant, strong, independent woman. Throwing her own baby shower.

Kathleen "Kat"- 28, single, works at First Ave, identifies as bisexual, has a strong sense of personal identity and wants her sister and her child to be the same way.

Jennifer: Early 30s, Maggie's "adult best friend," who has gone a little more straight laced in her life. She's married with two children.

Brittany: Late 20's- early 30's, Maggie's "college best friend," they were in the same sorority together. She travels quite a bit, identifies as pansexual, and considers herself very woke. 

Haley- late 30's, Maggie's cousin. She runs her own business, is quite the boss queen, married.

Todd- late 20's- early 30's. Todd is Maggie's closest friend, they met in college when Todd was still identifying as straight, or as he puts it, "the dark days." 

Linda- Maggie and Kathleen's mother, early 50's. Happily married, thirty years sober next month! Linda is very protective of her children, but disapproves of a lot of their choices. However, Maggie is the favorite- she gave up on Kathleen quite some time ago.

Marlene- Maggie, Kathleen and Haley's grandmother. Marlene is a widow, Catholic AF, and still lives in their family's home. She has a strong sense of independence, is pretty passive and not very affectionate. She has a strong disapproval of this entire scenario.

Father Maurice- Father Maurice is Grandmother Marlene's priest that shows up to the baby shower under rather interesting terms. 

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