Auditions for Earth under Gold, a nine-part sci-fi audio drama

Earth under Gold is an ambitious, genre-bending audio drama about life in a world hijacked by giant birdlike aliens. For fifty years, humans have struggled to adapt to a reality in which Earth is no longer their property, maintaining a semblance of autonomy within three refugee city-states. Now, as the occupying force prepares to move on, our heroes ponder their place in the cosmos.

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We are looking for actors to fill the following roles:

Gottfried, fifty years old, a psychotic despot. He rules Valia -- once the most vibrant city in the human quadrant -- with a cybernetically enhanced iron fist. Enjoys poetry.

Man, thirty-two, an engineer of sorts, he helped Gottfried build terrible things. Claims he had no choice -- that he did what he did to keep his family safe.

Woman, twenty-nine, a member of the Valian resistance. She and her peers hope to depose Gottfried and undo the misery he has caused.

Auditions begin in April!

To schedule, send your info and voice reels to Matt at [email protected].

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