Auditions for Eden Prairie Players Women’s One Acts

Roles available for 5 males and 15 females

Eden Prairie Players will be holding auditions for our Women’s One Acts, our first annual production of one acts by women, and directed by women, featuring a new selection of six original plays, on February 26 and 27. Details of the plays are below.

To ensure the smooth running of the auditions, we ask you to please fill out and submit our online audition form, and schedule your audition night, at least two hours prior to the start of auditions. You will be asked to upload a photo of yourself (portrait-style preferred, but a formal headshot is not required) and a theatrical résumé if you have one, and to mark your conflicts during the rehearsal period.

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February 26 and 27, 6:30 PM.
Please select one of the audition nights in the audition form.
Scripts for the plays will be available to read starting at 6:00 PM.


Eden Prairie City Center, 8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie, in the Garden Conference Room on the lower level. Sign in in the Garden Room. (Map)


Auditioners may choose to read sides from a script that we will provide or prepare one or two monologues, up to two minutes.

We recognize that you may not wish to be considered for every play in the collection. We will have copies of all of the plays available to read starting at 6:00 PM Monday and Tuesday nights. If there are any plays you would prefer not to be considered for, please inform the desk volunteer. 

Production Schedule

Rehearsals will be scheduled for each play, around the availability of the actors and directors, from late March to tech week.
Tech and Dress Rehearsals
Monday, April 30 through Thursday, May 3 
Friday and Saturday evenings
May 4, 5, 11, 12 at 7:30 pm
Plays and Roles

by Karen Saari
directed by Jen Cordes

Lorna is a young single mother who needs a job. When she applies for a retail gig at a Disney-like corporation, she is screened by an automated interviewer with an agenda of her own. A class-based battle of wits ensues in this one-act comedy.

LORNA, age 23, any race, has piercings 
PRINCESS MACKENZI, a princess/android, 20s-30s. Think Elsa or Aurora with a hint of passive-aggression.

Into the City
by Marj O’Neill-Butler
directed by Bonnie Schueler

While traveling to New York City on the ferry, Ashley's future is foretold.

JEAN, a nosy, bossy mother, 55 or so, F 
ASHLEY, Jean's unmarried daughter, 30 F 
CURT, an unmarried, good looking man 29 M 
LOLLY, Curt's sister, 30 F

Medical Records
by Connie Schindewolf
directed by Lori Alsdurf

While filling out medical records and waiting to see the doctor, Marla, visits the past. She sees herself doing the same thing only at four different ages. The Marlas interact, and the Marla who is only 17 is quite shocked at what the future will bring.

MARLA at 66- a 66-year-old woman who is a breast cancer survivor. She is a strong, independent woman but at times has self-doubt. She is sarcastic with a great sense of humor. 
MARLA at 17- a 17-year-old MARLA who is fearful of getting pregnant. 
MARLA at 27- a 27-year-old MARLA who is struggling with infertility. 
MARLA at 37- a 37-year-old MARLA who is 8 months pregnant.

Jim Reaper
by Tracey Jane Smith
directed by Jessica Passaro

After years of marriage, recent divorcée Blanche flirts with an oddly irresistible man named Jim at a party, while insurance-adjuster Bob tries to avoid him at all costs. Knowledgeable party-goer Doris identifies their host as THE Jim Reaper, and the fates of his respective guests are revealed in a card game. A score of dark idioms comes to life in this fun personification of death as a reasonable guy just doing his job.

JIM: A mysterious yet personable man in black. He is oddly charismatic and irresistible. 
BLANCHE: A woman, flirting with Jim on the heels of a painful divorce. 
DORIS: A married woman who’s been at the party for a while. 
BOB: A man who tries to bargain with, cheat and escape from Jim.

Homespun Webs: Imagining Louise Bourgeois
by C.J. Ehrlich
directed by Taryn Verley

Newly-divorced Madeline’s getting shakier by the minute as she drinks her way through her first night in her shabby, noisy apartment. Just as she decides she doesn’t have what it takes to start a new adventure, help arrives, in the spectral form of the renowned “giant spider” artist Louise Bourgeois, come to teach Madeline about weaving new webs.

MADELINE, late 30s- 50s (any ethnicity) 
LOUISE BOURGEOIS, internationally-known artist, in a younger incarnation, any age range

Meet the Pets
by Tracey Jane Smith
directed by Tabitha Kerr and Kelly Rohde

Nothing goes to plan when a player brings home his people-pleasing girlfriend to meet 'them': Daisy and Mr. Cuddles. The pets observe a human date in this anthropomorphic comedy. TEASER: Approval must be earned.

ALEX: A smart but insecure woman with a strong need for approval—a people pleaser with a plan to break the self-destructive cycle in her relationships with men.
WILL: Alex’s new boyfriend—a player who has trouble with commitment (except to his pets), unconsciously seeking repeated validation through casual relationships.
MR./MS. CUDDLES: Will’s cat (male or female)—wry, sardonic, passive aggressive, judgmental. A pampered, slightly effeminate aristocrat possibly with a British accent who would prefer William all to themselves. 
DAISY: Will’s dog (female)—friendly, outgoing, high energy, a resilient optimist who accepts everyone unconditionally but doesn’t understand why Will’s new friends never come back. 

Sign Up To Audition: Please fill out and submit our online audition form on TheaterForms and make an appointment for your audition. Have your calendar handy and be prepared to enter rehearsal conflicts. You will be asked to upload a headshot (a JPEG file) and a theatrical résumé (a PDF file) if you have one. If you don’t have either of these files you can still submit the form.

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