Auditions for Film: Let Me Have My Son

Let Me Have My Son is a paid, non-union Independent Feature Film, written and directed by Cristobal Krusin Location, MN  Production dates are mid June-early July.  COVID 19 Safety Protocals will be in place.

Actors should submit audition videos/film reels by end of day March 22nd.  They will be reviewed and ZOOM callbacks will be scheduled.  Casting decisions will be finalized by mid April.  

Film Synopsis:  An ederly father receives a phone call saying that his son is to be released from Middlemouth Hospital after being there for many years undergoing mental health treatment.  The father drives to the hospital to pick up his son only to find that his son is nowhere to be found.  And so the nightmare begins where he must try to distinguish what is real and what is not real.

Three male actors are neded.   ANDY:  30-50.  All ethhnicities welcome.  Andy is a little person.  An orderly at the Middlemouth, Hospital.  He is combative, opinionated, and fearless.  Doctor Alejandro:  40-60.  Hispanic.  Must speak both English and Spanish.  A highfunctioning patient at Middlemouth Hospital, he is Initially introduced as one of the physciatrists at the hospital.  Mercurial temperment.  Often funny.  Insecure.  Very intelligent.  Mohamed Awale:  50-70.  Of East African decent or an African American who can produce an effective accent.  He is the chief custodian at Middlemouth Hospital.  Soft spoken and reflective.  Patient and wise.

Feel free to discuss any lived experience with mental health in your video submissions or cover letter.  All information is confdential.

Send submissions to Cristobal Krusin  [email protected]

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