Auditions for HOME at the Twin Cities Horror Festival

Auditions for HOME by Garrett Vollmer at the Twin Cities Horror Festival

Based on real stories from the playwright's childhood, "HOME" explores the dark underbelly of the inherent apathy in many of America's small towns. Angela and her family have recently moved to the small city where her new husband grew up. As they are getting their bearings they receive a visit from their neighbor, Tony. Tony's obsession with their family grows, just as the town's own perverse status quo climbs to match. "HOME" explores what happens when a bone-deep boredom mingles with a violently fragile mind, and how you never really know the people just outside your front door.


Audition Information:

  • Auditions will be held Wed July 25 & Thu July 26, 7-9pm , with callbacks held on Fri July 27, 7-10pm

  • Auditions will be at Falcon Heights Church: 1795 Holton St, St Paul, MN 55113

  • Auditions will consist of reading sides and playing interactive games. Please come dressed to move.

  • Headshots and resumes are great, but not required

  • Email Megan Koester ([email protected]) to reserve a half-hour spot, or to schedule an alternative time



  • Pay - $150-$350, depending on role

  • Rehearsals - typically 4 evenings/week (T, W, Th, Sun), 7:30-11pm

  • Shows - 10/25- 11/4, Exact dates TBA

  • Full calendar available upon request



  • Angela- (early 40's) A headstrong, young mother.  Works two jobs, sarcastic.

  • Tony- (late teen) An enthusiastic, bored young man.  Psychopath. Very awkward.

  • Brett- (late 40's) Husband to Angela.  Cheerful, charming, a townie. Everybody's friend

  • Kasey- (young teen) Angela's daughter- a bit reserved, and still learning how to live in the city.  Still learning who she is.

  • Keith- (young teen, older than Kasey)- A despondent teenage boy.  Asshole.

  • Jack Musel- (late 30's) a teacher at the high school, weaselly, timid, eager, deeply conflicted about his actions.

  • Mark- (Late 40's) One of Brett's friends, a cheerful misogynist with no grasp of how he hurts others.  Likes to gaslight his wife.

  • Mary Ellen- (Late 40's) A drunk at the bar.  Loud, antagonistic, and surprisingly honest.

  • Patricia- (Late 40's)  Mark's wife. Depressed, she is shell-shocked from recently having relapsed into mental instability as a result of Mark's gaslighting.

  • BAGGED PERSON- A being in Tony's dreams.

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