Auditions for Independence & CHESS by Chameleon Theatre Circle

The Chameleon Theatre Circle Audition Call: Independence & Chess

The Chameleon Theatre Circle announces its auditions for the first two productions of its 20th Season!

PAID STIPEND: All actors will be paid $50.


Independence by Lee Blessing

Directed by: Callie Meiners

Venue: Bloomington Center for the Arts



1st Rehearsals                                                          Sept 25th, 2017

Rehearsal, Phoenix Theatre, MPLS                             Oct. 3rd

Tech/Dress, Bloomington Center for the Arts                Oct. 24th

Opens                                                                       Oct. 27th

Industry Night & Talk Back                                         Oct. 30th

Close                                                                        Nov. 12th



Auditions         July 9th, 5pm-10pm & July 10th, 5:30pm-8:30pm

Callbacks         July 16th, 5pm-10pm


WHERE is the Audition: Lynnhurst Congregational UCC, 4501 Colfax Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

WHAT TO PREPARE:  1 to 2 minute comedic or dramatic monologue

HOW TO GET AN APPOINTMENT: Please email to schedule an appointment no later than July 7th.


Evelyn Briggs- Female, 45-60 Matriarch of the Briggs family, single mother of her three girls after her husband left. A victim of her circumstances who fights to keep the image of her “happy family” by being loving and caring. All the while being bitter, caustic and fighting her own demons. 

Kess Briggs-Female, 30-35 The oldest Briggs daughter who escaped her mother and the small-town life for the big city of Minneapolis. Kess is a professor literature and a lesbian who returns to her hometown in an attempt to bring her family back together. Strong willed and independent. 

Jo Briggs-Female 23-30 The middle daughter. A hopeless romantic who desires true love but feels obligated to stay and take care of her mother. Jo is a caregiver who would give anything to make her mother happy, but wonders if she should make the selfish act of taking care of her unborn child. 

Sherry-Female 19-23 The youngest daughter. A wild child who parties and is foul mouth. Sherry seeks attentions in all of the wrong ways and desires chaos for its ability to break up the norm. Strong willed, opinionated, but very much still a young woman in need of a mother. 



Book by Richard Nelson

Lyrics by Tim Rice

Music by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

Directed by Jim Vogel and Brad Donaldson

Venue: Gremlin Theatre



1ST Rehearsal               Oct. 2nd, 2017

Tech/Dress                  Nov. 28th-30th

Opens                          Dec. 1st

Close                           Dec. 17th



Auditions         July 12th and 14th, 5pm-9pm

Callbacks         July 17th, 5pm-10pm


WHERE is the Audition: Lynnhurst Congregational UCC, 4501 Colfax Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

WHAT TO PREPARE:  Sing 16 to 36 bars of a song that tells a story.

HOW TO GET AN APPOINTMENT: Please email to schedule an appointment no later than July 9th.

PRODUCTION INFO: NEED 6 Men, 2 Women, 1 Child plus 4 to 8 additional Ensemble

FLORENCE – strong belt voice. Mid-twenties on up. Born in Hungary but brought up in America, she is clever, theatrical, touching, vivacious, volatile. Frederick's chess "second."

FREDDIE – Rock tenor. Mid-twenties on up. An American chess champion. A cross between Bobby Fisher and John McEnroe. Arrogant and temperamental, but a genius; his chess playing is revolutionary.

ANATOLY – Baritone. Mid-twenties on up. A Russian chess champion. Unexpectedly charming. An intelligent, feeling, passionate man.

MOLOKOV – Bass. Mid-twenties on up. Not a fake, comic, stage Russian. Intellectually formidable. Anatoly's chess "second."

SVETLANA – strong belt voice. Mid-twenties on up. Anatoly's wife. Domestic, wholesome, not a contemporary cosmopolitan woman.

WALTER – Bass-Baritone. Mid-twenties on up. A marketing agent. Seemingly respectable, substantial, trustworthy but shrewd.

ARBITER – rock high baritone. Mid-twenties on up. Chess Official. Smooth, powerful, controlling but with a quick temper.

GREGORY VASSY – Mid-forties on up. Florence’s “father”. Kind, gentle, warm.

YOUNG CHILD – Young child around 4 to 9. Will play various characters.

ENSEMBLE – Various ages. Portrays several different roles throughout production.

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