Auditions for Much Ado About Nothing at Phoenix Theater

Rate of Pay: 

Announcing Auditions for a Regency spin on William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

In this production we will answer the question: what if Jane Austen produced a version of Shakespeare? This particular production will focus on gender relations and status in the play, with specific care for Hero.



  • General Auditions (Virtual): December 23rd-January 21st.
  • Callbacks (In-person): January 29th/30th at Phoenix Theater
  • First Rehearsal/Read Through (Virtual): The first week of February
  • Regular Rehearsals (In-person): Begin on March 7th, 5 days a week, evenings. Specific dates vary per character, not every actor will be called to every rehearsal. 
  • Tech Week (In-person): April 18th-21st
  • Shows: April 22nd at 7:30pm, April 23rd at 2:30pm and 7:30pm, and April 24th at 2:30pm.


Covid Precautions:

  • All actors must show proof of full vaccination and masks will be required during the rehearsal period and when not on stage. Testing required before and during tech week. Transportation for testing can be provided.
  • Audience members will follow all requirements of Phoenix Theater.



  • Actors are guaranteed a stipend of $50 to be paid on opening night.
  • Additional funds earned through ticket sales or donations will be evenly distributed among the cast after closing.


Audition Requirements:

  • Video recording of two Shakespearean monologues (One Comedic and One Dramatic) totalling no more than two and a half minutes uploaded online to Youtube or other video hosting website.
  • Headshot and Acting Resume
  • We encourage monologues to be fully memorized, but reading will be accepted.
  • Fill out all information in the Google form at the bottom of this posting.


Note on Casting:

All roles are available to actors of any age, race, gender, ability, or orientation.





Leonata | 40-60

A strong, old-fashioned matriarch/widow. Respected by all as a political figure and head-of-household by her community. Mother to Hero, guardian to Beatrice.


Antonia | 35-60

Head servant of the Leonata household, right hand to Leonata. Helped to raise Beatrice and Hero.


Beatrice | 20s

Leonata’s headstrong niece and cousin to Hero. Unmatched in her wit, she eschews norms and fights the status quo. 


Hero | 18-25

Leonata’s only daughter and heir of marriageable age. Quiet and decisive, Hero doesn’t shirk her societal role, but works within those confines to find control for herself. Lover to Claudio.


Don Pedro | 30-50

Charismatic and pragmatic, Don Pedro is a highly respected nobleman and military leader. A wily tactician who composes the gulling of his friends to match them with true love.


Claudio | 18-25

An eager young soldier who earned a name for himself through warfare. Though strong on the battlefield, his affairs in love are led by naivety and paranoia. Lover to Hero.


Benedick | 20s

A witty jokester who is often at the receiving end of teasing. Although he may also be a soldier his true battlefield is one where “wit” is the weapon. He verbally detests the station of “married-man,” but love might one day make him a man of real substance.


Don John | 25-40

The bastard brother of Don Pedro, full of vinegar and spite he is jealous of his brother’s success and actively looks for means to dismantle it through lying schemes.


Conrade | 20-40

He may be a servant to Leonata, but his true master is the conniving Don John. Serves as a comrade and advisor to Don John.


Borachio | 20-40

Industrious and cunning, Borachio is a gardener on Leonata’s estate who actively works to make financial gain off of Don John’s schemes. Ultimately undone by his love of drinking and Margaret.


Margaret | 20-30

A loyal servant of Hero’s who isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to gain favor among the people above her. Friend and confidant to all who ask. Lover of Borachio.


Dogberry | 30-70

The hapless Chief of Police who believes himself to be more important and more intelligent than he actually is. Has an ineffable sense of justice.


Verges | 20-70

Second in command to Dogberry. Totally devout to Dogberry, and desperate to impress everybody around him.


Watch | (Doubled with Antonia)

Working class man who sees the world for what it is and finds it difficult to work with others who don’t.


Friar | (Doubled with Borachio/Conrade)

Level-headed and intelligent, finds the solution when no one else can. However, he does have a flair for the dramatic.


Sexton | (Doubled with Don John)

As type-A as one can be. Loves process and tradition, expects the world to work in a specific and logical way.



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